Balsey Ford is the Poster Child for Fake News. “Climate Change” is Manufactured Fear.

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According to her own lawyer, Balsey was an activist on a mission to ruin a man’s career for the sake of Roe vs. Wade.  She was chosen to bring Kavanaugh down along with her cohorts Feinstein, Booker, Klobuchar, Schumer, and Pelosi who all backed her story and helped make it appear more credible.  They purposely left out damning background information on Balsey to make her seem innocent and thus believable.  But she never was.

It was an orchestrated attack on Trump’s pick.  Thank God Kavanaugh was able to withstand the slanderous lowlifes that came after him from Swetnick to Avanati to Ford.  All paid to ruin a man’s life. All losers trying to make a name for themselves.  Their names are “mud” now and should be indicted for lying under oath.

But the good news is:  Kavanaugh doesn’t have an asterisk next to his name.  He is free and clear to make any decisions based on the U. S. Constitution–not bullying from the left.  And his reputation’s in tack.  He wasn’t a slimebag womanizer.  So Ford, stick that in your marijuana pipe and smoke it.


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Last night “climate change” town hall meetings were a joke.  Climate change (global warming) was invented by Al Gore.  Another joke.  He lost for president and decided to punish America, and he did while lining his pockets with millions. Boy, oh boy, did he ever with his phony fake news movie that brainwashed the millennials and has had them ballyhooing ever since.

The weather changes all the time.  Otherwise we wouldn’t have weathermen/women.  They try to predict the weather with science a week out, and they still get it wrong.  They had Dorian going every which way to cover their bases.  Imagine trying to predict the weather or the temperatures thirty years from now?  Climate change models are just that–models.  You can’t predict the future with models.

But whatever the future is as far as climate, God will correct it.  That’s what he does.  But most liberals are God deniers and therein lies the problem.  They figure the weather is just in the hands of us mortals. Hurricanes are to clean the oceans and the coast sometimes.  There’s a method to the madness of weather.  We do get air pollution like we had in Los Angeles but we corrected that with the Santa Ana winds, emission restrictions on the gasoline corporations, factories,  and cars. Thus the Smog Check.

The solutions the candidates had don’t make sense.  Our electricity predominately comes from coal.  Eliminate coal industry, and we’ll have rationed electricity. We can’t rely on wind and sun alone. And heaven forbid we build another nuclear plant like they use in Norway.  Imagine a big rig truck running on solar?  Sanders says we have to eliminate fossil fuels and big rig trucks and buy food locally.  That puts a lot of companies out of business and people in the unemployment lines. The whole Green New Deal is a joke.

All the left has left is to go after Trump on climate change denying.  They can’t get him on corruption, collusion, or obstruction any longer.   Trump is a realist.  He knows the models can’t predict sh-t.  He knows there’s no proof in the pudding until 30 years from now.  Gore predicted the end would be fifteen years and that has come and gone.

Climate change is the new Jehovah Witness “end of the world” prediction.  They’ve been predicting the “end of the world” for fifty years and keep changing the date.  This is what the climate change fear-mongers will do.  Extend the date.  In the meantime, they’ll make millions of dollars off of the fear and annoy us to death.

The candidates will continue to say they believe science over fantasy and climate change is the number one existential threat to America.  I believe Biden lied about the military saying that climate change was the #1 threat to America because at the time ISIS was.  I do believe Obama said climate change was the #1 threat because he’s a global fear monger and a terror denier.  That’s why he went all in on the Climate Change Accord which has caused economic havoc in Paris.  Our gas prices would have been astronomical–to punish us into not buying gas. Trump turned that around.  People of Paris protested as they should.  But goofy Biden wants to get back in it.  

Ford was the original “fake news” spreader, and climate change is called weather and not a threat to our future. The “fear of the world coming to an end from climate” is perpetrated on us to lessen their guilt as the left fly around in private jets and to punish us while they do. The left loves spending other people’s money  (Sanders, Warren, and AOC.) Soon time to bring in the heavy hitters, like Michelle.  The remaining candidates are a bunch of loons.

Biden burst a vein in his eye while on stage.  His eye got redder and redder as he stood there.  I was worried he’d faint.  They should have brought in a medic but Anderson Cooper just ignored him like he was burying the news.  The news was Biden is not healthy.  But leave it to the fake news CNN to ignore it.  Shame on them.

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