Proof the Climate Change Nuts are Nothing More Than Phonies.

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Recently, after sharing a bottle of vino with two Bay Area vegan/environmentalist/leftists it became apparent that they’re nothing more than hypocrites. I rarely talk politics with them as they go off the deep end and yell with fingers wagging, so I carefully brought up that I was against the Green New Deal.  To me this is a subject we can all get our arms around, even the libs.  But, no, I was dead wrong. They’re buying into the Green New Deal hook, line, and sinker, much to my surprise!

Here’s what I deduced:  They’re vegans because they care about cruelty to animals YET they said in regard to the Green New Deal that we need to phase out cows and cattle altogether because they’re polluting the air with toxic gases.  Phasing out cows means killing them.  I thought they cared about cruelty to animals.  First hypocritical comment.

I told them the New Green Deal wants to eliminate fossil fuels altogether.  Their response was we don’t need gasoline any longer for autos, planes, or rockets.  We don’t need to fly anywhere or drive gasoline vehicles.  Then I asked about how to get to Hawaii? They said no one needs to go there.  What about space travel?  We don’t need to go into space.  What about the oil industry, it’ll go bankrupt.  No, they make plastic bottles from oil.  Second hypocritical and naive comment as plastic bottles are bad for the environment and they wouldn’t be enough to keep the oil industry in business.

There’s no arguing with these plastic-water-bottle-guzzling and SUV-driving nut cases, so I changed the subject.  There’s so little things in common one can talk about with a lib. Liberalism is a cult and makes no rhyme or reason.

A study came out that says 65% of folks don’t socialize with those in the opposite party.  This has become me lately.  I can’t stand to hear them say stupid political comments so would rather not spend time with them.

Another lib friend of mine was praising Boot-edge-edge as so smart and speaks five languages.  I quibbled that he brings up the Bible and God too often and says God wouldn’t condone Republicans.  That shut her up as she knows I’m Republican.  But I think she knew that about him and likes it. It was a left-handed way to get a jab in at Republicans. Or she wanted to set me up into saying something about a gay man in the White House.  I didn’t take her bait.  Liberalism is a cult and they’ll never avoid a chance to get a zinger in at a conservative.

These climate change nuts will bankrupt our country, make it impossible to travel anywhere, ruin the trucking, airline, and oil industries, kill millions of animals, starve millions of people, and inevitably add more tents to the streets of San Francisco. If they said they were into planting trees, I’d have more respect for them.  But they’re always cutting them down for fear of fire, wind, and bark diseases.  Nothing more than phonies.

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