GOP Are Missing the Real Nugget in Trump’s Ukraine Call.

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For three years the left has been accusing Trump of asking Russia to hack Hillary’s emails (which had already been erased and hard drive bleachbit.) They’ve also accused him of working with Wikileaks when the DNC computers were hacked. All lies. We’ve all heard these lies ad nauseam from the press, Hillary, and the Democrats.  These false claims originated from a stump speech where Trump said, “Russia, if you HAVE Hillary’s “missing” emails, you can make a reporter real happy” and a flippant remark “You gotta love Wikileaks” which he said after Podesta’s emails were made public. These comments were tongue in cheek, meant to be humorous but the left blew them up into something nefarious. For three years Trump has been trying to defend himself against these false claims.  So what’s the first thing he brings up with Zelensky?

The President: “I would like you to do us a favor though because our country has been through a lot and Ukraine knows a lot about it. I would like you to find out what happened with this whole situation with Ukraine, they say Crowdstrike… I guess you have one of your wealthy people… The server, they say Ukraine has it. There are a lot of things that went on, the whole situation.”

Crowdstrike is a cybersecurity company the U.S. uses to obtain information. The server he’s referring to could be the DNC’s or Hillary’s private server or both.

“it would have been better if the DNC gave the servers to the FBI, but the FBI was able to get the forensic information it needed from CrowdStrike.” James Comey.  CNN Business.

When the DNC computers were hacked, FBI wanted to examine the DNC server but the DNC refused. I wonder why?  And who told the FBI to stand down? Crowdstrike has the information that the FBI ignored.  That’s what Trump was referring to. We can’t believe the FBI now can we?  They are part of the coup to take out Trump.

Trump wants to clear his name before the next election. Giuliani found that the Steele Dossier originated in Ukraine and could be why Hillary wanted all her communication erased once she was subpoenaed.  She was behind it.  If Ukraine has any evidence of her emails via Crowdstrike that would clear Trump completely. He isn’t influencing an election by discussing servers, just trying to clear his name.

Biden’s name was mentioned as an afterthought but nothing that says dig up dirt.  Just that he fired a prosecutor and that Trump thought it looked horrible. It’s common knowledge as Biden bragged about it on camera. Biden’s big secret would eventually come out, especially if he won the primary. Not impeachable. It’s called vetting a potential president.

President Trump wants to clear his name before the next election.  Can you blame the guy?  No.  We already knew about Biden’s shady dealings with his son in Ukraine, but the fake news mob hadn’t reported it yet. It was reported in 2015 by the NYT and ignored probably because it was negative news on a Democrat and he was under the protection of the tephlon one, Obama.

It’s the president’s duty to share information with Ukraine if he suspects crimes committed in their country. The left is spinning this as Trump asking Zelensky to dig up dirt on Biden. There’s nothing to dig, it’s already out there.  But Zelensky corroborating what’s out there would be helpful. The left always makes a mountain out of a molehill whatever Trump does or says like they did with the weather map of a hurricane. To them, everything is impeachable that Trump does.  Everything is a cover up that Trump does.  Everything is racist that Trump does.  What?  I haven’t heard the word racist in two weeks!   Say it ain’t so!  They’ve moved on from racist?  Amazing.

Giuliani has been on this case to clear Trump for three years as Trump has been under investigation for three years.  But whenever he brought Biden up, he was shut down.  Giuliani is the real whistleblower, but he might as well have been blowing on a dog whistle for no one heard his cries.

Now obviously Trump didn’t know the Deep State was listening and leaking his phone calls.  When he finds out who the gossipers are, they’ll be dismissed.  But the honest truth is he was trying to clear his name not impugn anyone else regardless if they’re running for president.  Running for president does not give you a “get out of jail pass,” unless you’re Hillary.  But now it seems Biden is untouchable like Hillary as the Democrats and the press are circling the wagons around him.

As soon as the fake whistleblower appears before congress, we’ll all be feeling like we’ve seen this movie before (Dr. Ford).  Different cast but same story: project, deflect, and smokescreen the real story–Biden.  The left will fawn over every word that spills out of her/his lying mouth. They also want to distract the people from all the good that Trump has done for the country and tarnish his name before the next election.  They figure if they can impeach him, that will ruin his chances for reelection.  Or in the very least make him a lame duck president in his second term and put his name in the history books as being impeached along with Clinton.  Dirty, nasty, ungrateful people behind this impeachment push.  Whoever votes for impeachment should resign or in the least be voted out of congress. And if any Republicans vote for impeachment, they should be ashamed of themselves, like Romney. And Schiff should be brought up on charges of submitting false testimony in a congressional hearing.

The Democrats know they’re going to lose in 2020 so, therefore, why they want to impeach Trump.  That’s the real reason.  Even though the Mueller Report was a big nothing burger, that did not stop them; it energized them even more.  It’ll be one accusation after another.  There’s a lot of money behind the schemes they come up with. And they’re premeditated schemes, like removing the “Must be first hand knowledge” from the whistleblower form. This has been in the works for a while as the whistleblower was a plant by Brennan along with big money from other candidates.  They’re the ones trying to influence an election by lying, cheating, infiltrating, and spreading false accusations on Trump.

I think the real nugget from the phone call though is that Trump is concerned about “the server” first and this exonerates him from any claim that his call was about digging up dirt on an opponent.  Hillary is not an opponent any longer. Or is she….hmmm?

Update 10/20: There is a rumor that there really is no whistleblower.  That it is a made up, imaginary person by Schiff just to get it on record that Trump had a suspicious phone call with Ukraine. If this comes to be true, it’s all over for the Democrats.  They will have stooped to the lowest level that any party has ever stooped. It’s illegal and impeachable conduct.  I hope it’s not true for their sake.


One thought on “GOP Are Missing the Real Nugget in Trump’s Ukraine Call.

  1. I’m investing in coloring book publishers and Crayola. Nov. 3 2020 will be a very beautiful day in the neighborhood, for President Trump’s Supporters and the future of the United States of America. The democrats are abject communists and traitors who should all be made to leave America for their SPONSOR, CHINA.


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