Check List of President Trump’s Accomplishments “For Dummies.”

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I’ve been reading a lot of lies lately about how Trump hasn’t kept his promises from the 2016 campaign or that the lowest unemployment in 50 years is due to policies Obama put in place. What?!  Are they stupid?

So I decided to come up with a list of what Trump promised during the 2016 campaign and what he’s accomplished “For Dummies” who just don’t get it or have been watching or reading the FAKE NEWS or maybe even brainwashed in school.

This is an updated version from previous post.

                         Trump’s Promises                                                                   KEPT

  1.           Pass major tax cut bill for all, not just the rich                           X
  2.           Get out of Paris Climate Change Accord                                       X
  3.           Cancel Iran Contract                                                                         X
  4.           Move U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem                                                   X
  5.           Build the wall                                                                                     x almost there
  6.           Loosen stiff regulations on companies                                         X
  7.           Drain the swamp and government waste                                still at it
  8.           Enforce current border and ICE laws                                           X
  9.           Begin peace talks with North Korea                                              X
  10.           Begin peace talks with Russia                                                         X
  11.           Vet flights from terror hotbed countries                                      X
  12.           Lower unemployment to 50 year low                                           X
  13.           Bring companies, jobs, and savings back to America                X
  14.           Get rid of the healthcare mandate                                                 X
  15.           Repeal Obamacare                                                                (one vote short)
  16.           Rebuild the military                                                                           XX
  17.           Put Conservative Judges in Supreme Court                                  XX
  18.           Prosecute Hillary for destroying evidence                    still working on it
  19.           Bring “Merry Christmas” back                                                         X
  20.           Destroy ISIS and reduce threat of terror                                       X
  21.           Get other countries to pay more into NATO                                  X
  22.           Get players to respect the National Anthem                                  X
  23.           Restore respect for law enforcement                                              X
  24.           Bring back the manufacturing industry                                        X
  25.           Cure AIDS in ten years                                                                       X
  26.           Right to Try for cancer victims                                                         X
  27.           Improve the VA healthcare                                                               X
  28.           Make America #1 in energy production                                         X
  29.           Appoint conservative judges to the courts                                     X
  30.           Fair trade tariffs with other countries                                almost there

I’m quite sure he has kept more promises together with new ideas, but this is just off the top of my head.  He has a few tougher ones left to be completed.  But The Left and fake news media will not give him credit for anything.  Zero. They are being selfish, partisan, and dishonest with America.

If he got this much done while being the target of a Russian hoax, Kavanaugh smear job, and now impeachment, what will he accomplish when all the con jobs and witch hunts end?

The best is yet to come. Trump 2020!


12 thoughts on “Check List of President Trump’s Accomplishments “For Dummies.”

  1. Oh my! Putting aside that many (most?) of these have no substance to them, I had to LOL at #19.

    This is NOT something a POTUS can do. American citizens are free to say whatever season greetings they prefer. Perhaps you (and Trump) need to re-read the First Amendment to the Constitution.


      1. I doubt very much those who WANT to say Merry Christmas ever feel “ashamed” to do so, regardless of what this or any POTUS says. Further, stores set their own policies related to Christmas and rarely do they base their decisions on what Trump has “encouraged.”

        I know you feel this man has done “wonders” for this country, but your list includes only a limited number of actual accomplishments. Many of the points you listed are either still in stasis, are things he has no control over (e.g., #22), or simply things he has bragged about accomplishing but the facts say differently.


      2. I stand by every one with an X as being fact. #22 he got the teams to enforce stiffer penalties for kneeling and it has gone down. Agree, he doesn’t control the teams or stores or anyone for that matter, but he has a way of influencing or setting by example for them to change just like Obama did, only not in the direction I liked. That’s what presidents do.


  2. On one of your other posts, the Professor listed some sites that offer “factual” information. I suggest you visit this one– — and read the entire page. It addresses several points on your list.

    You will note that while there IS some validity to the “accomplishments” you attributed to Trump, there are also some qualifications.

    Of course, looking at this type of information takes an open mind. I admit some of the things listed were a surprise to me simply because I had been swayed by information from other sources. But the websites he listed are known for their a-political stances.

    BTW, I came across this saying that I think fits: One of the reasons people hate politics is that truth is rarely a politician’s objective. Election and power are.


  3. “I admit some of the things listed were a surprise to me simply because I had been swayed by information from other sources.”

    I suggest that they were a surprise to you because you never heard or read them before. Mainstream is burying the real news. Trump is not a politician. He’s a civic leader and that’s why we vote for him. He’s transparent and doesn’t double speak. He’s honest to a fault sometimes.


    1. I’m honest enough to admit there are times when I’ve been mistaken in my thoughts/opinions about things — and NOT just related to Trump. Are you? From what you’ve written so far, I don’t see any indications that you’re able — or willing — to admit you could be mistaken about things you’ve read or heard. That’s sad.

      Obviously, Betteroff, we’ll never see eye-to-eye, but I have tried to understand and appreciate your viewpoint. I don’t feel you’ve done the same for me. But I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised because I have yet to come across a Trump supporter than is willing to see him for what he is.

      Perhaps when the truth comes out in the impeachment proceedings, your opinions may change. Although I won’t hold my breath. This man definitely has a choke-hold on 35-40% of the people living in this country.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks, but no thanks. I see no point in reading any more of your perspective on politics. I do wish you well and hope — for your sake — than all you believe and trust in related to the current administration doesn’t come back to haunt you.


      2. It won’t. We won and my perspective on that was right then too. Lots of people agree with me, so I’m not alone. I’ve got Jon Voight and Clint Eastwood on my side. You can have Robert Deniro and Joy Behar.


  4. “I see no point in reading any more of your perspective on politics.” That’s the definition of close minded. We will win in 2020 as the polls are always skewed toward the Left. Trump still has over 90% R support and getting more and more Black support. They aren’t gullible. Trump has a different direction for our country than the Left has ( that is for sure), but to call him mentally ill is even below you. ( Yes, I read one of your blogs, when you aren’t reposting other people’s opinions)

    Happy Columbus Day! Oh oops is that not PC for you and your readers?


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