Trump-haters Are Living in a Parallel World.

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Maybe a sister planet or a parallel universe.  They’re walking among us and doing things much like we do like having their morning coffee, taking walks, drinking lots of water, shopping, even driving; but the world we live in looks different to them.  They see hate, darkness, fear, death, and doom.  We see flowers, trees, love, butterflies, and wildlife. Of course, I’m being somewhat facetious, but I’m trying to make an analogy.

These people are living with alternative information that they swear by.  They’ve gotten their info from some leftwing source like Maddow or CNN, no doubt, and they bought into it. You can’t reason with these haters. They believe everything they read or hear as gospel as long as it is anti-Trump, and they come after those that think differently. Boy, oh boy, do they ever. They’re close-minded, intolerant of opposing views, have no comprehension skills, antireligious, blind to evidence, suffering from TDS, and, frankly, just plain mean. When Obama (their leader) said to get in our faces, they listened. When Trump said recently that the media and the Democrats are nuts, I 100%, wholeheartedly believe it now. Here’s why:

Recently I wrote an innocuous blog paraphrasing a playful Trump rally and somehow some liberal read it and forwarded it to her cult.  She was apparently appalled by my support for Trump and had to share it with her minions.  They proceeded to belittle me one by one on her blog site with various names, one even trying to analyze me like I was an alien specimen from another planet!  It was hard to believe that people that don’t even know you can be so quick to judge and pigeonhole you. One woman said she pitied me. What a weirdo.  I’ve never received such an onslaught of veiled insults and hate coming from any group. But they can’t stop me.

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Most reduced me to being brainwashed, an obsessed fan, a troll, or part of a right-wing FOX News conspiracy cult–all after reading one playful blog. One accused me of stealing parts of other blogs or news segments and compiling it into satire. He was convinced I stole what I wrote to be funny.   There’s no way I could believe what I had written.  It had to be a spoof. That was the strangest comment but probably a left-handed compliment thinking I plagiarized, which to me means they thought my blog was pretty good.

Over two hundred readers came to my blog in three days and are still coming, some from countries I wouldn’t be able to find on a map. Where the hell are they coming from, I thought to myself.  It was uncanny.  Some piled on, spewing their smug left wing garbage at me with long boring dissertations about climate, our constitution, and democracy. It felt like they were trying to “save me” or “convince me” much like a religious cult leader would do. It was like dodging incoming sniper fire for a while. I felt like Hillary in Bosnia.  Some comments were just plain absurd and warranted sending to spam. My husband asked, “What’s got you so preoccupied today?”

“There’s a bunch of millennials who hate my blog coming at me and some are from other countries.”

“Well, as long as they read it, what do you care? And what do they know?”

Why folks in other countries care about Trump is beyond me.  Why don’t they mind their own country’s business?  We are America First, and we’re doing just fine under Trump. I guess the reason I care is that these people sounded much like the readers in the “comment section” of the lying New York Times which I don’t go on any longer because when I write a comment they think it is satire much like the followers of this one blogger.  They are all obviously not up to speed with what’s going on in this country. I guess they missed the FBIspygate, the Russianhoax, the Muellersham, the Kavanaughsmear, and the Ukraineconjob which is happening right now.

These followers are misinformed or have little information, if any. It was shocking what they believe to be true–positive things about Obama, lies about Trump.  One said Trump vacations more than any other president.  Plain, bald faced lies. It wasn’t worth debating with them because they always resorted to name calling the president or me.  That’s how they think they win. Or they smugly tell you to go on some left wing websites “to educate yourself.”  Most of them were either millennials or GenZ’rs, so I’ll give them a pass.  But the older ones should know better. Too much hippie lettuce, I guess.

Trump’s rallies are energizing and infectious. The folks in the crowd are patriots filled with love for America–not hate.  They have a good sense of humor and love when Trump goes off script.  He says what we’re all thinking but afraid to say.  That’s why we hired him.  He has surprised me to no end as he has accomplished more than I think any Republican could have done due to the fact that he’s a courageous businessman used to negotiating and knows a lot about the economy and what makes it tick. One of my biggest surprises was him moving the embassy in Israel.  He promised to do it, and mission accomplished! No other president has been able to pull that off.

Their biggest complaint about Trump was that he slings childish insults and “makes up” names for his opponents. The poor little snowflakes can dish it out but can’t take it.  Trump slings insults when someone goes after him with disgusting untrue names like racist, xenophobic, childish, sexist, pu–y grabber, bigot, liar, gangster, conman, anti-semite, Nazi, sexual predator, impeach45, etc., and his “made up” names are truthful yet endearing.  Trump is a fighter and if you come at him, he will retaliate unlike former presidents. I like the fact that he defends himself much like I do.  It may not be a typical presidential trait, but he won and they didn’t. 

We now know that the Democrats lie, cheat, and steal their way into power.  Much like they are trying to do today behind closed doors interviewing witnesses they hope have “the dirt” on Trump to warrant an “impeachment.”  They commit voter and immigration fraud which goes unpunished. They destroy evidence, write salacious dossiers, leak, lie, project, connive, collude with other countries, engage in pay for play, frame, weaponize the FBI and IRS, and spy and, so far, have gone unpunished.  They have no scruples. What scares me is that they have so many followers like in the Invasion of the Body Snatchers walking around with no personality and trying to invade another human’s body. They’re definitely living in a parallel world maybe with truckloads of body-snatching pods. Don’t fall asleep!

But, seriously, conservatism is on the rise despite the phony polls, and we’ll undoubtedly keep the White House. If we don’t, we’ll surely all be doomed if the bodysnatchers gain power again. Or as Trump says, we need to let the roots of the policies we put in place grow and take hold. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

VOTE TRUMP/PENCE 2020. But only once. We don’t cheat.



14 thoughts on “Trump-haters Are Living in a Parallel World.

  1. You wrote: They believe everything they read or hear as gospel as long as it is anti-Trump. And from the other side of the aisle, it’s … They believe everything they read or hear as gospel as long as it is pro-Trump. 🙂

    You know, in a comment on my blog, you said, “Give him a chance.” I think in the beginning many people (including “liberals”) wanted to give Trump a chance for the simple reason he had been elected to lead this country. However, for many of us, he’s gone off in directions that have been disturbing, to say the least.

    Personally, I admit he’s HAS done some of the things he promised. I may not like what he’s done, but that’s not the point. What disturbs me — and many others in the “liberal” camp — is the way he’s tried to run this county as he did his business. The United States is NOT a “business” and he is not the “owner” with total control. It is a country that is made up of millions of people from diverse backgrounds and with a multitude of opinions and experiences. To be a strong and effective leader, one has to take that into consideration — and be willing to compromise. Based on his actions thus far, Trump doesn’t seem to know the meaning of the word.

    Look, you and I will most likely never see eye-to-eye on things related to Trump. But to deride, insult, and make claims about the “other side” accomplishes nothing … and will never change anyone’s mind. However, having said that, I suppose if it helps to get it off your chest, then … so be it. 🙂


  2. The difference between you and I is I know I can’t change your mind. You came at me, remember? I never sought you out. But if you’re going to have a go at me, I won’t take it sitting down. People need to beware. So we’re done now.


    1. When someone has a blog, it’s generally accepted the person is open to conversation. However, if they’re just using it to let off steam, it’s probably best to close comments.

      Since you happen to be writing about a very hot topic in this country, the chances someone will come along and disagree is pretty much a “given.”

      But you needn’t worry. I agree that we’re done. Have a nice life.


  3. Just so you know, I’ve written about 250 blogs and no one has had a go at me like you and your followers. One guy disagreed and posted one blog on twitter without asking me. You sort of did the same. I don’t mind if someone disagrees, but I don’t seek out unfriendly conservations. Otherwise I’d comment on liberal blogs. Trump’s a nice guy, and it’s too bad people can’t see that side of him. 😦

    You too, enjoy. 🙂

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    1. If so, I’d like to clear my name. I don’t have Twitter and did no such thing. I just asked if I could write a rebuttal, and then did so on my blog. But never did I share anything on any other social media platform, so that characterization is a bit misleading.


  4. Oh okay. I all of a sudden had an onset of readers on my blog and my son thought you put it on twitter or something. Sorry. But I didn’t say your name in my comment. I don’t do twitter or facebook.

    But still not a fan of reposting another’s blog unless one agrees with it. Otherwise you stir up a lot of haters like I had over the weekend. It’s not why I blog. I blog to give insight from an average citizen’s point of view rather than pundits on tv which all say the same crap. Sometimes my intuition is right on but doesn’t come out until days later in the news or radio.


    1. It’s all good. I know you didn’t say my name, but I didn’t want you to think that I was out on social media throwing dirt or trying to rally people against you. Not the case. One thing to bear in mind about blogging – and really all of social media in general – is that it is still accessible to the public. So you definitely have to own everything you write. Maybe one of my readers saw your blog and then tweeted it? Not saying that’s what happened, but I try to be cognizant of the fact that anyone, at any time, could come across my writing. And they won’t always agree with you. But when you are in the public domain, your target audience and your actual audience won’t always be the same.


      1. And for what it’s worth, I don’t support anyone who came at you with hatred or tried to belittle you. I like reading your blog – I disagree with 90% of its content, but it provides me perspective. So please – keep writing!


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