Impeachment Vote: Please, Don’t Be Mindless Sheep That Follow Pelosi.

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No offense to the sheep.  You have a brain, use it.  You have comprehension skills, use them.  You have eyes, see what’s really going on. This is nothing more than a modern-day witch hunt. This is a punishment in search of a crime. This vote shouldn’t be a coordinated political coup from one party to remove Trump. There should be a bipartisan legitimate investigation with evidence to back it up.   Not some hearsay, muddled relay of a conservation by an imaginary person. Don’t just follow the sheep in your party and raise your hand reluctantly for impeachment.  You’ll look like a fool. It may be the last big issue you vote on. Make it the right vote. Vote NO on impeachment. There is no crime.

President Trump didn’t lie under oath, didn’t collude with Russia, didn’t hold back money in exchange for a favor from Ukraine, didn’t destroy evidence, and never obstructed justice.  Talking about firing a Special Counsel is not obstruction of justice neither is firing one.  Telling the press that it is a witch hunt, is not obstruction of justice, it’s freedom of speech.  Trump didn’t spy on his opponent, didn’t weaponize the IRS, FBI, or the CIA against his opponents, and didn’t give billions to Iran in the dead of night without permission. Trump hasn’t done any of what the Democrats are guilty of, yet you want to impeach him? The Democrat Party is the party of corruption these days.

The Democrats have a punishment in search of a crime. They’ve had this punishment from the day he won the election.  Originally they tried something he said about Charlottesville, ‘That the parties on both sides have some good people” He meant to say, the protesters on both sides of the “statue removal issue” had good people.  He never said white suprematists were good people.  They were scattered in among the groups. That was something the left added to hurt Trump and has continued to this day by the likes of Biden.

Then they tried to use the Mueller Report as reason to impeach but the Special Counsel found nothing to indict Trump on.  No collusion, no obstruction.  In fact, Biden called Trump an idiot yesterday in an interview saying everyone knows he colluded with Russia.  Really Joe?  Tell that to Mueller.  You look like the idiot. They wanted to use something he said at his rally about the missing emails to use as obstruction.  But he said, “IF you have Hillary’s (already missing) emails turn them over to a reporter.”  Big whoop. Not impeachable. Hillary’s server and computer was already shut down, bleached, and destroyed by then.  Stupid accusation.

Then they tried to imply that Trump was colluding with Wikileaks and Russia to hack and release Podesta’s emails.  Again, not true. In fact, Julian Assange has swore that the emails he was sent were not from another country or state, most likely an inside job (Seth Rich) as they took no time to download.  They use the term abuse of power rather loosely with no evidence to back it up.  Obama committed abuse of power all the time and it went overlooked.

Then they came after Trump for a Stormy Daniels pay off which ended up exposing Michael Cohen’s shady deals. They tried the emolument clause to no avail. They’ve thrown everything at him but the kitchen sink and still come up empty.  They’ve setup and jailed just about everyone on Trump’s campaign for tax evasion and other non-related crimes.  Now they’re going after Giuliani, Trump’s private lawyer. It sucks to have worked on Trump’s campaign.

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They are on a concerted effort to take out Trump by all means and at all costs and impeachment is their last hail Mary.  They want to impeach him because they hate him for winning the last election fair and square.  It made the Democrat’s campaign look like amateur hour. The Democrats and the biased media are still wiping the egg off their faces. But no one is more angry than the Deep State.

So listen up Democrats in the House, don’t be a dumb sheep.  Use your brain and realize that you’re being used by the Deep State to do something reckless, unAmerican, and historically unprecedented-impeachment without a crime.  This will go down in the history books as one of the baaaa-baaaa-ad decisions ever made by the House of Representatives. Don’t be a part of it. Hold your head up high and say Naa-aaa-ay to impeachment!

Don’t follow the sheep and look like a fool, or you’ll end of like one of these brains below–roadkill.

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