Al-Baghdadi Was Taken Out Under Trump’s Leadership, Just as Bin Laden Was by Obama’s…

Yet the mainstream media has not given Trump one idota of credit for his leadership.  In fact, they have made a coordinated effort to claim that the mission was successful IN SPITE OF THE INEPTITUDE OF TRUMP.  As though the military just went in on their own willy nilly and decided to take out the current leader of ISIS without Trump’s approval.  It is pathetic.

Years ago when Obama approved the mission to attack Osama and it turned out successful, Trump congratulated him as well as FOX News, Rush Limbaugh, and Hannity.  The mainstream media praised Obama and Hillary for months showing their picture in the situation room. What a difference when Trump approves a similar, yet more risky, plan to take out Al-Baghdadi.  Obama as well as the mainstream media are not reciprocal nor grateful.  But their silence only means one thing: jealousy. They don’t want any good news to befall the president while he is under scrutiny of impeachment for a phone call.

Everything Trump touches turns to gold and the media and former administration can’t stand it.  They want Trump to be a big buffoon that doesn’t understand the running of the government or national security. Trump has instincts together with his business talent that make the perfect combination to be president. Where they come up with the word “ineptitude” for Trump, baffles me. They must pull these words out of their a–es. Was it ineptitude that brought our economy back from the edge of an abyss?  I don’t think so.  It was skill.  Biden also said the mission went through IN SPITE OF Trump but Biden gave the thumbs down on the Bin Laden mission.  He doesn’t have the courage needed to be president.

This impeachmentgate is nothing more than another Muellersham, and they’re looking for anything now to impeach him on.  If he jaywalks in New York City, he’ll be arrested. He needs to watch his back. Based on the Democrats bad karma, this impeachmentgate will blow up in their faces, big time.  They’re looking like vindictive, poor losers and aren’t reflecting the president in a good light for the rest of the country and world to see.

For instance, in a grade school in California an eleven year old wore the costume of “baby Trump” balloon.  The kids in the class videoed the kid and were giggling and chanting “kill him,” while the teacher remained silent.  That costume should not have been allowed in the classroom, period. This disrespect is coming from D.C. and trickling down to our schools.  When an eleven year old hates our president, something is wrong. When I was that age, I barely knew who the president was. And in high school when JFK was shot, that was the only mention of a president in the classroom.  Teachers are showing their hate for our president in the classrooms.

Our teachers in school have to show respect for the current president or it affects the kids. The kids are learning disrespect for adults, our leaders, and possibly the police in our schools which will result in what we’ve seen in New York City with gangs of thugs attacking the police over virtually nothing.  This is not free speech; it is anarchy. I don’t blame Trump for wanting to move out of an ungrateful city. But for the mayor and the governor to say, “good riddance and don’t let the door hit you on the way out” is not only immature but a dog whistle to the kids to act violently.  When our leaders can’t show respect for our president, why should our youth respect law and order?  Kids do what they see and all they’re seeing is dissension from the Democrats.

The Democrats are a bad influence on our youth, plain and simple. It starts at the top and trickles down to our governors, mayors, teachers and lands on our kids. When our leaders are showing total disregard and disrespect for the president who has given us a roaring economy, peace, and great policies, it reflects badly on our youth. They need to snap out of it! They’re ruining our country from the top down.

Thank you President Trump for taking out al-Baghdadi and the co-leader of ISIS. It was a successful mission and you should be proud, in spite of the media’s INEPTITUDE. 


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