Any Congressman that Votes for Impeachment is Either Corrupt or Stupid…

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And neither is a quality we want in our congressman.  Schiff talks a big story about Trump being unethical; but it is HE and his CLAN that are.  What they’re trying to pull off in plain sight of America is the biggest sham since the Mueller sham and We the People aren’t going to take it any longer.

We need to vote OUT any congressman or woman that votes for impeachment. They are worthless and not worthy of their position in congress. We are better than this!  And deserve better than this!

None of what came out in the hearings rises to the level of impeaching a president.  It was all hearsay and policy opinions from diplomats that were Obama holdovers.  No harm, no foul. Obviously, it was a set up from the get go by Schiff, whistleblower, Pelosi, and their puppet masters–TBD–and was a sham of a hearing. Or as Rush says, “All roads lead to Obama.”

As my devil’s advocate son says, “If they take down Trump on a quid pro quo, they’ll have to take down Biden too.”  And we all know that won’t be something these congressmen will want to happen.

An FBI employee during the Obama Administration that worked under Strzok and probably took his orders from him, altered/changed a document used in the FISA application to warrant spying on the Trump Administration. He is currently under criminal investigation. This act was the beginning of the COUP that led to Trump Campaign being spied on and Comey being fired and the eventual Mueller Probe.

So, it’s happening.  The cards are beginning to fall and this is why Schiff and his clan are trying to DISTRACT the news from the real criminal investigation.  Yes, there was a criminal in the White House Kamala Harris, but it wasn’t President Trump.  TBD.  All roads lead to you know who.

Biden recently scolded a man at one of his town hall meetings who said Obama deported illegals just like Trump.  Biden responded,  “Never compare President Obama to ‘this guy’.”  For Biden to call Trump ‘this guy’ shows his hatred for the president.

A.G. Barr will continue doing his work as well as Durham and Horowitz; so no matter what the left tries to do to Trump to distract from the real crimes, justice will still be served.  NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW!

Stay strong Trump.  You don’t deserve what the left is doing to you.  The truth will prevail as you’re in good hands with the DOJ.

Stay tuned!

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