Golfer, Patrick Reed, Was Putting Lights-Out at the President’s Cup Yet…


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He was treated like a persona non grata. In the singles match, Reed putted much like Tiger Woods used to putt yet the crowd was tepid and so were the commentators.  This mob mentality has to stop.  The guy sloughed some sand on his backswing, according to the tape, in a previous tournament.  If he says he wasn’t aware, why not believe him? Why is everyone called a liar these days? They’ve hated him from when he first started golf for an off-the-cuff remark that he was one of the top five players.  They’ll never forget it, neither will the biased commentators.

The day before the Australians heckled him mercilessly until his caddy blew up.  Why is there no security at these tournaments?  Why should a player have to endure catcalls and nasty comments while he’s trying to play golf?  This would never be allowed in tennis, basketball, or volleyball. Security should kick them out as an example, and it would stop.  But for some reason it was allowed because it was against Reed. And the commentators were enjoying it.

I feel the double standard is constantly rearing its ugly head.  Tiger Woods never had to endure something like this and his scandal was monumentous. But he is in the protected class of people.  If Reed was Black or Hispanic, maybe they wouldn’t be holding him to such a high standard. They would circle his wagons.  His problem was he was born White, male, and is a little outspoken. I can remember Tiger feigning back problems and quitting in the middle of a game that he was losing and the commentators swooned over him.  Poor Tiger, poor Tiger, poor Tiger. They’d never let Reed quit in the middle of a game for any reason. They’d ridicule him as being a quitter or a poor loser. Just saying.

As a long time golf tournament enthusiast, I was blown away by Reed’s putts yesterday but the crowd gave him a smattering of reluctant claps. And the commentators were underwhelmed it seemed.  If that had been Tiger, the crowd would have fell to their knees roaring.  I also suspect without Reed’s awesome performance, which spurred on his team, the Americans would not have won. What is wrong with these people?  The Australians were behaving badly, their karma caught up with them, and lost their lead.

During their press conference, all the reporters could do was ask Reed, “Would you do anything different next time? How were you able to handle all the hostile comments?”  Nothing about how awesome he played in the singles match.  Then later the commentators said he wasn’t contrite. What did he do?  He won the tournament for them. His teammates and Tiger should be kissing his butt, but the fanfare when he finished his round was less than warm.  Kucher got a bigger response and was behind throughout the whole game.

I, for one, am getting tired of the mob mentality. Reed was picked to play in the President’s Cup over my two favorites, Spieth and Mickelson, and deserved to be treated with respect.  When people start treating people equally, maybe it would change our society. But I don’t see that happening anytime soon.  Australia should be ashamed of their citizens showing such disrespect to us.

Reed played lights-out! I just wish it was acknowledged by the press and the audience.

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