Last Night’s Democrat “Doom and Gloom” Debate.


cloudy sky
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It was cloudy, with a chance of rain last evening. I watched it so you don’t have to.  I’ve never seen so many doomsayers on one stage.  They looked angry, depressed, and irritated. None of them smiled. They had nothing good to say about Trump’s America–not the booming economy, not peace, not trade, not our military, not jobs, not foreign policy, not health, nadda, nothing.  It was sad.  Either they’re very good at lying (which we know they are), or they’re seeing the world through foggy glasses.

And the moderators used leading questions that had false information in them such as: we were on the brink of war with Iran last week, Trump wants to repeal preexisting conditions from healthcare, how can you debate against Trump who’s known for name calling and lying, to Bernie said a woman can never win for president.

The lies the candidates told were whoppers too: the Iran deal was working until Trump pulled out of it and now they’re making nuclear bombs, Trump is the most corrupt and dangerous president in U.S. history, we have a president who is lying and could drag us into a war with Iran, we have lost the support of our allies, ISIS is reconstituting itself, Trump lied about embassies being threatened by Soleimani, a mess has been created in Iraq by Trump, he puts his own interest in front of the country’s, Trump is sending more troops into harm’s way in the Middle East, Trump has no strategy in the Middle East just decisions that make no sense, Trump told over 15,000 lies, Trump admitted that the Iran Deal was working and was certified, Trump treats farmers like poker chips, Trump was raised with a sense of entitlement, Trump’s coziness with Putin, Trump told a rally in Florida, ‘you don’t like me and I don’t like you’, Trump weakened sanctions with North Korea, Obama put economic pressure on Iran to weaken their military, we can to much better than Trump-led trade deals, we are leaving a country to our grandchildren that will be uninhabitable in twelve years due to climate. 

The frontrunner, Biden, looked over-rehearsed as he struggled to remember his lines, sometimes failing to answer the question just to complete his talking points. He often quit mid-sentence saying the light was on.  He was a slow-talker and lackluster. He says character and the soul of America is on the ballot.  What a hypocrite.  Sanders is the most authentic candidate on the stage but his policies will bankrupt the country in short order as he is a proud socialist, and we’ll never be a socialist country. Buttigieg, who touts religion, answers questions like a robot; Warren is a pathological liar who has three older brothers; Steyer is a calamity-climate nut who played team sports (badminton or volleyball?); and Amy K. is Miss Knowitall who’s dad couldn’t stay married. No one likes a knowitall. If she knows so much why hasn’t she led the Senate into getting something, anything, done in congress aside from impeaching Trump? I’ll never forget her attack on poor Kavanaugh.  That ruined her, Spartacus Booker, and Kamala’s chances.

None of these candidates have the charisma, common sense, or chops to stand up to Trump. He will eat their lunch and call them out on all their past lies.  Although the media won’t bring up their ugly pasts, Trump will, and they’ll be finished.

In summary, the doomsayers loved whatever Obama did and hate whatever Trump has accomplished and want to reverse it.  Obama apparently was a saint from his pallets of cash to Iran, his coverup of Benghazi, his failed health plan, and his drone attacks on ISIS.  Everything he did was great. Everything Trump does is bad. They are running on bringing us back to Obama years: high unemployment, jobs going overseas, stiff restrictions on companies, higher taxes, sanctuary cities, open borders, cover ups and corruption, abolishing ICE, terror attacks, more homeless, war on police, weak on crime, failed solar companies, stock market crashes, and closed coal mines, nuclear plants, and offshore drilling. Their remaining platform is everything is FREE which will bankrupt the country.  Nothing is free as someone has to pay for it, and that will be the taxpayers.






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