Election May Come Down to Billionaire vs. Billionaire.

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Two old white guys with big bucks, bucking horns for the same job. If this happens, who will the AOC’s, Millennials, and GenZ’s vote for?  There’s no way they’ll vote for a successful billionaire whether he’s liberal or not.  No way.  They want the billionaires’ money to pay for free stuff for themselves.  They want free healthcare, free college, free childcare, free pre K, with no feasible way in hell to pay for it all. Like Pocahontas, they’re all about punishing the rich and big corporations.

Where would the Socialists go without a Socialist on the ballot?  Would they vote for the Green Party candidate?  That would take votes from the Democrat candidate. Hopefully they would stay home sulking in their parents’ basement.  AOC and her gang would have a conniption. They wouldn’t be able to endorse a billionaire candidate.  It would serve the Democrats right for all the trouble they’ve given Trump. It would actually be karma for the way they’ve been treating Trump.

The rest of America would have to decide between the two billionaires, one who was mayor of New York City and ran it like a “nanny city” and the other the current president of the United States who gave us a roaring economy.  Who did a better job?

Bloomberg didn’t trust people to choose their own type of food, size of drinks, or seasoning.  He restricted food establishments in what they could serve.  He sounds controlling. He’s bought into the climate change big time yet flies around in his private jet.  He sounds hypocritical.  He’s for encouraging illegals to come to our country to better their life and not for deportation. He’s pro, pro, pro choice and will nominate liberal Supreme Court Justices.  Although he ran as a Republican when Mayor of NYC and more moderate than his Jewish contender Sanders, he is Jewish and they’ll always be Democrats at heart. Not sure why Judge Judy recommended him other than him being Jewish. Did she like him restricting her food choices?

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It would be interesting to see a debate between two New York billionaires that have both changed parties. They ran in the same circles at one time as Democrats. Trump probably supported his campaign for mayor and in return asked for approvals of projects. Two New Yorkers bucking horns. Two New Yorkers with different goals for America. Bloomberg voted for Hillary which I think disqualifies him from the get go as he doesn’t have good judge of someone’s character. Or he doesn’t care if she was crooked which makes him complicit.  He probably also voted for Obama. Being a good judge of character is a prerequisite to being president. When the president surrounds himself with shady characters it makes for a corrupt government. Just look who Obama surrounded himself with: Comey, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, Strzok and the office lover, and Rice.

Bloomberg made his money on Wall Street while Trump constructed buildings on All Streets. Bloomberg restricted the Big Gulp while Trump made the fake news media take a big gulp. Bloomberg is against trans fat in food while Trump is against transgenders in the military. Bloomberg restricted salt in restaurant meals while Trump rubs salt in his critics wounds. Bloomberg is pro choice on abortion while Trump is pro choice on hospitals for Veterans.

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Bloomberg sees a crippled Biden and thinks it’s the perfect time to come into the race. Bloomberg along with many successful billionaires do not agree with Warren’s “medicare for all” plan and wants to get on the stage to shoot it down like a good billionaire can.  Tom Steyer, billionaire candidate, had a poor performance during the last debate.  He was all about calling Trump a criminal but didn’t go after Warren. Time for a capitalist to come to the table and set them all straight.  He’ll probably play the “climate change” card to court the Socialist vote; but if Lil’ Mike thinks he can come in and take credit for Trump’s economy, he’s got another thing coming. Trump won’t let him.

It’s a bad day for the frontrunner Biden. Bloomberg thinks he’ll be the superhero or has the secret sauce to save the world from Trump. We’ll see about that.  Stay tuned.





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