Democrats Are Stonewalling Efforts For America to be “Open For Business.”


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Why would they do that?  What is their reason?  Is it to save lives or something more nefarious like continuing the ruin of the economy? Nancy Pelosi is threatening Trump if he allows America to “reopen for business” under governors’ guidance.  She is also dragging her feet on the next stimulus bill to help companies make their payroll.  The Democrat party seems to want America’s economy to tank even more so they can run on “high unemployment and bankruptcies” across America.  This is evil at work.

Biden is complaining about Trump having his signature printed on the stimulus checks like Trump signed each one individually which is probably what he thinks.  What a stupid issue to run on. I suppose he wanted Obama’s signature on the check.  Biden better come up with some real issues to run on or he’s done.  He hasn’t had one program or policy of his own to present to America.  “Come on, man” seems to be his mantra. He’s also claiming Trump hasn’t taken responsibility for the pandemic.  Really?  It’s Trump’s fault?  Biden is an idiot if he really thinks that.  But I doubt he’s had an original thought in years. And when he answered, “That’s above my pay grade” I wondered what pay?  Who’s paying this guy and for what?

Biden sitting next to his silent, nodding wife during an interview this morning was reminiscent of the Bill and Hillary interview when Bill got caught in an affair with Jennifer Flowers. I guess the sexual assault accusation is getting to them. ‘Bout time. #metoo is calling.

More than ever our country needs to get back to work; and if our governors don’t agree, we should drive to our state capitol in a caravan with American flags waving and horns blaring like they did in Michigan.  Republicans, and some Democrats too, are fed up with the “stay at home” order.  We as Americans can be responsible for our own well being.  We’re not children. We’ll keep our distance from strangers, wear masks when appropriate, postpone get togethers, shop for essentials, wash our hands frequently, wear gloves when appropriate, and be kind to others. Now more than ever we need to be kind to others. We are all going through the same nightmare.

Some youth are going without a paycheck and don’t qualify for unemployment. Some youth won’t be able to pay their rent, health, or car insurance if this country doesn’t open up soon.  Some youth can’t afford food and have had to move back home with their parents. These are grown adults living at home with their parents. Oh sure, it’s fun for a couple of weeks but a house guest is like fish; after a while, they start to stink up the place. Not literally, but emotionally.

We don’t need the government to walk us through the reopening of our city.  We will use our own discretion on what stores, shops, or food establishments to patron.  Stores and restaurants will have their own rules. Companies need to be creative during this pandemic; and now that we got their attention, we should let them try.  Companies can require a temperature test when entering the building.  They can require employees to wear masks. They can rearrange the desks, put up clear plastic barriers, and have restrictions in their lunchrooms.  We don’t need the government to tell them what to do.  These are smart companies and with smart people that will come up with their own ideas.  Give them some credit.

My grown adult children who are working from their home look like they’ve lost hope in the future. They have nothing to plan, to look forward to, or strive for.  It is the look of hopelessness.  They need to get back to their offices and do their regular activities. They need to plan a trip or an outing with friends.  Too much at home with one person is not healthy for anybody.  They miss their sports, their friends, their trips, and families.

Open up the parks, beaches, schools, and hiking trails.  Give us some credit for keeping distance from others. Other businesses are open like grocery stores, liquor stores, fast food, post office, truckers, FedEx, Amazon, healthcare, and drug stores.  Are their employees less valuable than the rest of America’s workers?  Of course, not! And most of them are handling the pandemic with no complaints.

Reopen America for business before there’s nothing left to live for.



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