Democrats Are Being Ungrateful.


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If Republicans are deplorable, irredeemable, racist, xenophobic, dregs of society then I propose that Democrats are ungrateful among other things. I stumbled upon a comment section of a CBS article about George W. Bush.  The comments afterwards by Democrats praised Bush and wished he was president now.  This is stupid as these same people used to chant “Bush lied, people died.”  They have the nerve to be asking for Bush to come save us from Trump.  They should be thanking Trump.

Bush has been silent for three years while Trump got impeached for no reason.  Where was he then?  Noticeably absent.  He has become the John Roberts of ex presidents trying to be liked by the Democrats.  It seems to have worked. But at what price being liked? Where’s his character, constitution, and convictions? I’m frankly surprised by his silence.

Trump has done the most efficient job of any president in modern history during this war against an invisible enemy from enlisting the help of the private sector, scientists, and manufacturers to supplying every state with their demanding requests to threatening W.H.O. for lying to the world to getting monies to people that have lost jobs to being optimistic in his daily press conferences rather than doom and gloom like Cuomo.  Yet I hear Democrats praising Cuomo for his “excellent leadership” during this pandemic. Please. “Whiner and Chief” of New York.

Today Cuomo talked about his poor mother that he can’t visit and how he is bonding with his daughters.  TMI!  That’s not relevant during a pandemic.  He’s lucky to have any parent alive at his age. All he’s done is whine and talk down to us like we’re third graders.  Trump doesn’t talk down to us nor talk about his private conversations with his son.  And when Cuomo said, “God has nothing to do with the decline in hospitalizations” that offended me as people are praying everyday for the virus to starve.

Democrat states, cities, and counties are behaving poorly during this shelter in place.  In Santa Rosa the police made 40 arrests of people who left their homes for nonessential reasons. They are fining them $1,000.  Sonoma County is making it mandatory to wear a mask when coming out your front door.  Stupid.  There’s plenty of open space to walk in without seeing another person.  In Lake Tahoe a hotel/casino says it won’t reopen as it can’t afford to.  This is crazy.  Soon golf courses will be filing for bankruptcy and saying they won’t reopen.  This is when the states, cities, and counties get it wrong especially if run by Democrats.  They take it too far.

Now that the Democrat governors have an “open invitation” to put their state back to work (rather than Trump acting like king and doing it for them), watch them make excuses why they don’t think it’s prudent.  They should be thanking him for allowing the governors to handle it, instead they’re whining like babies.

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Trump saved thousands of lives with his actions–not lame words sitting at a table with a mic, yet not one Democrat has thanked him.  Democrats won’t admit he’s done a good job at handling this pandemic. The ones in power like Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Schiff, Obama, and their media are setting a poor example for their party.

Being ungrateful and thankless gets passed down to their followers; i.e., two doctors in Florida stopped their car and stole a Trump sign off someone’s front lawn with their two children looking on.  They got arrested but probably are taking their cues from their leaders who treat Trump despicably.  Hate and ungratefulness is infectious and empowers people to break the law.  And here we have been thanking doctors lately.  From the two hospital CEOs saying they won’t treat Republicans with Covid to this, I’m beginning to think some doctors are acting bizarrely partisan. I’m sure that was not in the oath they took. Tip: Don’t wear a Trump hat to the hospital.

“All horse thieves are Democrat but not all Democrats are horse thieves,” is becoming more and more true today than when FDR’s grandfather said it or Ted Cruz.  What was true back then hasn’t changed much.  Why anyone would want to be part of a lawless, thankless party baffles me.  Lawless, lying ingrates.  Hide your horses!



2 thoughts on “Democrats Are Being Ungrateful.

  1. When I hear guests on CNN giving China and W.H.O. a pass and putting total blame on Trump for his mishandling of the Wuhan-China-Bat Virus with Chris Cuomo sitting silent, something is seriously going on. It’s a consorted effort by the Dems to take Trump out with lies which “the gullibles” will no doubt believe. We have to keep on fighting back as best we can while being stuck in the house.


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