Democrats Are Out-of-Control Crazy.

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First they went crazy when the covid virus hit the U.S. They tried to blame Trump for a slow response. They threatened us with murder charges if we didn’t wear a mask and stay home. The press kept a running tally of the deaths on tv 24-7.  They warned us that two million people would die if our economy wasn’t shut down. It’s no coincidence that Democrat bureaucrat Dr. Fauci has F-U-C in his short name.  Trump was hoodwinked by him. Never saw so many “Stay Home” signs in my life on roads and freeways.  The fear of covid spread faster than the virus itself.

Then when the unemployment rate jumped up drastically, the press became giddy. Every time the unemployment rate rose even higher, the press got more jubilant.  It was unseemly.  The press couldn’t wait for the next numbers to come out while people were at home suffering from loss of jobs, closing of schools and stores, as well as cancelled routine health screenings. Business owners were arrested and threatened by liberal mayors if they reopened without permission from their liberal governors.

Then came the “perfect storm” when George Floyd got killed by a rogue cop. The Democrats jumped at the chance to turn it into a political uprising across the nation which they did. Their drones hit the streets in droves and social distancing went by the wayside. Over a week of violent protests, destruction, and spreading of “white guilt” online, they weren’t done yet. Something else had to be done to put the final nail in Trump’s coffin, especially when their predicted unemployment rate of 20% came down to 13%.  “Wah wah wah,” the press collectively moaned.

Now their latest is: “Defund the Police.”  This is a joke that is spreading across the nation and everyone knows it.  It’s just their latest attempt to take over the country with anarchy.  If there is anarchy maybe, just maybe, no one will be able to get to the polls safely and vote for Trump.  They’ll be afraid to leave their houses for fear of an attack and there will be no police to protect the polling locations.  Get it?  They will have interfered with another election like they tried in 2016.

They tried to interfere with the 2016 by spreading false news that Russia was interfering with our elections; but, in fact, it was our own honored FBI and CIA and Hillary controlled by revered President Obama. They feared Trump would win over crooked Hillary and had to have a reason that he won: Russia Collusion backed up by several Insurance Plans.  And it’s still ongoing! Anarchy is Plan I:  “A” was Russia Collusion then came Dr. Ford, then Stormy, then Ukraine, then covid, then Shutdown, then unemployment, then police brutality, and now anarchy.  See how these plans are getting closer and closer together as we get closer to the next election?  Now you’re catching on.

We knew all along that Russia Collusion was just a hoax, but for some reason our stupid DOJ and the Republicans kowtowed and went along with it and let Mueller waste 33 million dollars investigating it.  It is the biggest travesty in U.S. History and should never happen again.

George Floyd was not a saint but is becoming a martyr.  He had a violent past of armed robbery and had been in jail many times.  He was on some drugs when they confronted him and had covid.  We don’t know the whole back story about him as the press are burying it.  But we do know the other three cops were rookies in training, basically, and were probably afraid of their superior.

All these outpourings of love for an unknown dude that died is becoming overdone.  Police die everyday at their jobs and 259 have been injured since the start of this protesting and no outpouring of love for them and their families.  A police officer was ambushed yesterday in Santa Cruz and killed. One cop was stabbed by a terrorist yesterday shouting, “Allahu Akbar!”  So the terrorists are using this chaos to infiltrate with the protesters as well as Antifa. Nice going Democrats. Way to recruit terrorists into the mix.

We need to send in the troops everywhere to put an end to this charade. This is also just another smokescreen to get the media and the press off of Obamagate.  And so far it’s worked.  Hardly anyone is covering or heard of Rosenstein’s testimony last week. This is all an orchestrated plan by the Democrats who are out-of-control crazy.  Their mushy-brained followers, who go to the street like walking zombies, will be embarrassed someday for their behavior.  And their bad karma will reek.

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One thought on “Democrats Are Out-of-Control Crazy.

  1. The large groups of whites now supporting BLM are people that have been taught by leftist professors and teachers that they are responsible for taking care of black people. And the black people are crying out because they essentially want a raise. The want more benefits, and more free stuff. Never mind that their culture is in shambles, the white folks are supposed to fix it. We said we would in 1968, and they don’t understand why they aren’t living in the lap of luxury like the Dems promised. Where the hell is my TV and Cadillac?

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