Biden Exploits the Death of George Floyd.

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Notice how Biden has finally emerged from hiding in his basement like the groundhog?  He is using the unfortunate death of a Black man to resuscitate or defibrillate his nonexistent campaign.  He has jumped onto the Police Brutality Bandwagon. Yesterday he traveled to talk privately with the parents of George and today a video of himself will be played during the funeral.  Please.  He said he’d talk in person but didn’t want to politicize the funeral?  He just did by making a video!

Can’t people see through him and his sudden interest in the Black community?  He did nothing for the Blacks in eight years as VP while the death count mounted in Chicago every weekend.  Biden and his ilk pander to the Blacks every four years, then dump them after receiving their votes. Spare me the feigned remorse, Biden.

We all know the Democrats are using racial inequality, police brutality, and anarchy as their final attempt to oust Trump. What we don’t know is how they think this will work?  They certainly have the mushy-brained out-of-school college kids on their side like Elois marching in lockstep.  Guess they’re bored.

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But facts are facts and Trump has done more to help the Black community than previous presidents. His only sin: he didn’t like what Obama was doing to our country, and he supports the men in blue.  Big deal!  That doesn’t make you racist; it makes you smart.

The left wants us to kowtow to the extreme mob and like “everything” they like.  We can’t express a different opinion on anything.  But they sure can. We have to say “Black lives matter” and kneel, or we’re considered racist.  I don’t kneel for any reason unless I’m pulling weeds.  Or as one Black cop told some thugs, “I only kneel to God.”  Love it.  We need to stand up to them.

I believe “every life matters” and “all races matter” and no one race should get special treatment. That makes us ALL equal.  We are an “equal” opportunity country, not a “singled out” opportunity country.  I have no reason to feel guilty or repentant. Republicans were against slavery, my grandparents had no slaves, and my parents never even got any help.  Guilt free.

Biden will capitalize on any tragedy now to boost his failing campaign. If a dead whale washes up on the shore, he’ll say it’s Trump’s fault and jump to a climate change bandwagon.  If there is a terror attack on American interest, he’ll say it’s Trump’s fault and jump on foreign policy bandwagon. A KKK member drove into a crowd of protesters, he’ll claim it’s Trump’s fault and repeat that old lie that Trump said White supremacists are good people.

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Guess what? The Democrats were the party of the KKK, but the left has been trying to erase this fact from the history books and in schools. And apparently it has worked; because if you remind a Democrat of this little known fact, they’ll say, “No they weren’t!”

Biden’s desperate to find a bandwagon to jump on as he has no ideas or plans of his own.  Not sure if exploiting George’s death by cop is a good idea.  But if you believe Biden will save the day and stop all racial turbulence, chaos, and anarchy, good luck with that. Divisiveness started under his and Obama’s watch and will continue under his watch as the Blacks can taste power and power is like a drug. Very addictive. The Democrats need to divide, conquer, and cheat in order to regain power and this is their Insurance Plan I: Anarchy. 

Remember when Harry Reid claimed that Romney had not paid his taxes in ten years?  The voters believed it, and it was a blatant lie.  Romney didn’t stand up for himself like Trump does.  And he lost.  Don’t be surprised if Trump stands up for himself from now until election day.  He has to, as no one else will. :/






2 thoughts on “Biden Exploits the Death of George Floyd.

  1. There is something about this whole George Floyd thing that smells bad. Why would a cop put his knee on someone’s neck for 8 min in front the world. I think there is something we don’t know yet.


  2. Yeah, I agree. Something’s rotten in Denmark. Paid to start this whole police brutality bandwagon but went too far? We need to check his phone records. Been in contact with Hillary lately? I sure hope not.


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