We Should’ve Seen This Coming…

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But we didn’t say a word.  It started out slowly.  We all saw it.  I’m writing about the gradual radical takeover of our country by the PC culture. If we had nipped it in the bud early on, we wouldn’t be where we are today with Seattle being brought to its knees in shame by a radical group of lowlifes.  There’s no other name for these creatures other than lowlifes.

It started with allowing political correctness years ago of movies, books, products, advertising, education, then it crept into the newspapers and news networks. Now it is happening to our toys and tv shows. We’ve all seen the slow neutering of movies that portrayed slaves in them. It was part of our history, but the PC police wanted to rewrite or whitewash history, and we didn’t say a word. Now they want eliminate tv shows portraying cops as heroes in them, and we won’t say a word. I guess CHiPs and Dragnet reruns are out. “Just the facts, ma’am” will be a distant memory. They also want to rename our military camps to remove past generals’ names from them that allowed slavery, and we won’t say a word.

Our news stations started to be taken over by radicals that would either enhance the news, bury it, or whitewash it according to their liberal PC radical agenda: Brian Williams, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Andrea Mitchell et al, they know who they are.  Then came the birth of FOX News to set them straight.

Then we allowed bleeding heart liberal pansies to run our schools, colleges, cities, states, and even our country.  It spread like wildfire.  We had to treat everyone with kid gloves, even our enemies; thus why we allowed Muslims to learn to fly airplanes but not land them. Didn’t want to hurt their feelings.  Red flags should have been popping up everywhere but political correctness had reared its ugly head.  We couldn’t spot a red flag if it was waving in our faces at this point.

We also allowed all our colleges to play the movie Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore to brainwash our children into believing global warming, and we didn’t say a word. We also allowed some pro-vegan, cruelty-to-animal movie to brainwash our youth against eating cows and chickens, and we didn’t say a word.

Then we allowed the words Merry Christmas to slowly be banned from our stores because it has the word Christ in it, and we didn’t say a word. We allowed our kids on sports teams in schools to become the participation trophy generation, and we didn’t say a word. These clowns are all adults now, and we are surprised that they feel they deserve what everyone has?  Really?  We started all this nonsense, and now the chickens (no pun intended) are coming home to roost.

Then we started putting metals on soldiers that had deserted their post and got captured, and we didn’t say a word. Then we started getting attacked by radical Islam from people that had become radicalized or moved here and we called it “workplace violence,” and we didn’t say a word.  Then our sailors got captured by Iranian soldiers and humiliated, and we didn’t say a word. Sure we were all outraged, but we allowed it to happen.  America as we knew it was slowly getting whitewashed and wimpified, and we didn’t say a word.

Then we started to allow the food police to regulate what we ate in restaurants and schools, what we bought in stores, and it spread across America.  We got food shamed by our peers if we ate a steak or burger and it still goes on today, and we didn’t say a word.  Then the grocery stores started bag-shaming us for not bringing in cloth bags and charging us for paper ones, and we didn’t say a word.  (But I did.)

Then we allowed the police to be disrespected at football games that spread all the way down to high school games, and we didn’t say a word. They took away the police protective body armor as it looked too militant, and we didn’t say a word. Now we are allowing the cancel culture to neuter policemen from shows on tv, Legos, and Paw Patrol, and we aren’t saying a word.  What’s next redesigning Monopoly game without the police square?  Ludicrous.

Then we allowed these lowlifes to tear down our historical statues in our cities and the police did nothing to stop it as the mayors told them to “stand down,” and we didn’t say a word. Then suddenly before our eyes the homeless began to take over the streets of our beautiful cities, camping, defecating, stealing, and vandalizing stores, and we still didn’t say a word. In fact, the state condoned it by passing a law allowing them to “steal” up to $1,000 with no jail time, and again we didn’t say a word. We allowed this permissiveness to fester and now we are shocked that these lowlifes have taken over Seattle?

Seriously?  We are shocked?  This has been slowly happening for thirteen years or so and, we didn’t say a word.  Now we are shocked? We recently allowed our country to be shut down for weeks, and we didn’t say a word. We remained cowered in our homes quieter than church mice. When a few protesters finally saw the writing on the wall and protested outside city halls, they were called a violent threat. Some news outlets called them white supremacists, and we didn’t say a word. But we allowed anarchy and burning of our cities after a Black man was killed by the police.  We looked on in utter horror, but we didn’t say a word. We ignored it. We allowed it to happen and so did our governors and mayors and police.

So now a group of lowlife wimps more like Elois were allowed to commandeer part of Seattle as their own and their mayor calls it a peaceful patriotic gathering.  I can’t believe my eyes that this is being allowed. But I should, as we all saw this coming, and we didn’t say a word.

Time to bring in the tanks and smoke bombs.  Send in the National Guard before this spreads like cancer to other liberal cities and states.  The press is downplaying it for some reason as well as the authorities. Even FOX News was condoning their peaceful behavior this morning.  “They aren’t chopping off heads, at least,” one mindless anchor appeased. That will be next.

Mayors like the one in Seattle are nothing more than former hippies. When the lady says, “this will be the summer of love” that’s all I needed to hear. This is outrageous and needs to end.  If these lowlifes want to live in a commune, go join one.  There may be a few left somewhere in the country ask your mayor where they are, but you don’t steal property from the city.




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