DeBlasio to Allow BLM to Occupy Outside of Trump Tower!


low angle photography of gray concrete building under blue sky
Photo by Priya Karkare on

What in the world?!  Are the Democrats in power purposely encouraging BLM to vandalize or occupy outside of the Trump Tower?  This is Trump’s personal residence. This area should be protected by the CIA, FBI, Secret Service, and National Guard as all homes of presidents have been. DeBlasio should be arrested and taken into custody for encouraging something like this.

This is obviously another attempt to force President Trump into resigning.  If Trump feels his personal assets are being threatened, maybe he’ll return home to protect them. Not likely.  Trump took a job to bring America back from the edge of the abyss that Obama and Biden put us on. He’s not about to quit now.

Reporting on spikes in covid cases is another attempt to tank the economy.  Just because more people are testing positive doesn’t mean they are sick.  They pull up in their cars and get tested.  They aren’t sick.  Plus there are a lot of false positives which spike up the numbers too.  No need to panic. No need to shutdown the country again.  There’s plenty of room in the hospitals.  Plenty of room.

Trump has survived the Russia Probe instigated by Biden himself, the Kavanaugh fake sexual accusation, the Ukraine phone call “set up” by Obama holdovers, the phony impeachment by Nadler, Schiff, and Pelosi, the virus unleashed by China, Fauci’s false models, the countrywide shutdown, the crashing stock market, the spike in unemployment numbers, and the media lying about him for four years.  I think he can handle the vandalism of loudmouth, lowlife, agitators.

DeBlasio needs to be arrested if he allows the vandalism or occupying near Trump Tower.  He is threatening the property of a sitting president. Simple as that.






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