According to the Left, Schools Will Reopen After the Election…

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violence will stop; covid will disappear; wildfires will end; gyms, salons, and restaurants will reopen; offices and businesses will reopen; sports will resume; everyone gets a puppy; and the sky will open and the heavens will appear. This, of course, as long as Biden wins the election. But they won’t admit that caveat. But not so fast.

Who says Biden will win? Trump has been nominated for three Nobel Peace Prizes now for actually making peace, so he must have done something right in the eyes of Norway at least. And Norway is a tough audience. Notice how the left media has refused to report on this news? News suppression much? We can’t trust the main stream media to report anything positive on President Trump. Zero. And Trump knows it. That’s why he has to tweet once and a while.

Biden is cheating to win. He uses a teleprompter with someone typing in the answers to questions given him in a video interview. He’s a long time well-known cheater and plagiarizer, so not such a stretch for him. He lies daily about his record and Trump’s record. Everything Trump has achieved, he says he and Obama did it. It is getting too obvious even to a low information voter. Now he is even claiming that he was lied to by Bush when he voted for the Iraq War. He says Bush told them it wasn’t going to be a war, just inspections. B.S. Everyone knew! We even told Iraq the minute we were coming in. It was called Shock and Awe. That’s why Saddam was hiding in a hole. Biden is a chronic liar and must think we’re stupid to fall for his lies.

I can’t wait for the first debate as long as Chris Wallace asks poignant questions to both of them and has a decent followup if they lie or filibuster like the left is infamous for. The left is worried about Trump lying? That’s them deflecting again, as it will be Biden lying for sure. No matter how Biden performs, the left media will say he won the debate. We already expect this. But the people have eyes and ears and will see the truth. The truth will always prevail.

So get out your Jiffy Pop and find a comfortable couch to lounge on. We’re in for an entertaining evening. If Biden shows up. That’ll be next, him feigning some sort of medical emergency like the old Hillster used to pull. It is in their basket of tricks. Don’t be surprised.

And what’s up with the Mueller team erasing 29 cellphones? Obstruction of justice like Hillary was accused of? The Democrats get away with murder while the Republicans go to jail for jaywalking. It’s frustrating.

Stay tuned.


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