Ladies: Colorful Masks on Your Face are Not a Fashion Statement…

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in fact, they look ridiculous. My impetus for writing this was seeing Nancy Pelosi with an ugly, unnecessary, large printed mask on her face this morning at the mic. If this looks fashionable, maybe I’m missing something.

Image: Nancy Pelosi

If you must wear a mask, make it as plain material as possible, much like a surgical mask.

More and more I see women trying to be cool with these larger printed masks covering their faces or trying to make some sort of statement by the material they choose. I have reached my limit of looking at them and won’t even go to the grocery store any longer. I can’t stand it any longer. They are hideous-looking and their husbands don’t have the nerve to tell them. So I will tell them.

Our faces weren’t intended to have clothes on them. So you have a friend who designs them, big whoop. A grammar school kid could make these on a sewing machine. Find some other way to make yourself standout in a crowd. Masks are not the new Gucci bag. Not that I’ve ever had one, but some of you do. Masks are not a fashion statement; they are just a means to an end of this nightmare we are all going through together. Don’t make it worse by wearing these godawful colorful prints on your face which only serve to remind us. And whatever you do, do not wear a mask while driving alone in your car, taking a nature walk alone, or while showering. Please, let’s show a little bit of common sense. You look like an idiot.

Some of you women are undoubtedly trying to make a political statement that you follow the rules enacted by your governor, you’re saving lives and are patriotic, or you’re spreading fear. Whatever your reason for wearing these, you look stupid, not patriotic. Stop being so compliant. The only way you could save a life is if you had the virus and quarantined yourself for 14 days, and we didn’t see you at all. That would save a life, not wearing a hideous looking mask on your lovely face.

Someone had to say it. No one else is bringing it up. Now they are making commercials with the actors wearing masks in them. This is slowly becoming an epidemic in itself as a way for the left to control all of us. Don’t fall for it. If you must wear a mask, just wear the surgical ones, they are more tolerable to the viewing eye. These colorful prints are off putting and annoying.

Now I know I may be alone in my opinion, but I don’t care. It’s my personal opinion and maybe others are feeling the same but afraid to say anything. When the mask mandates end, things will look better to me. I never liked Capri pants or leggings either. Just look wrong to me. Not every fad is necessarily good looking and this is one of those.

And Newsom’s new idea to wear masks as we are eating in a restaurant is the most unscientific and outrageous idea he’s ever uttered, and he has a boatload of them. Soon we’ll be getting dragged out of a restaurant by the manager for not eating with our mask on. It’s all about control. Don’t fall for it.


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