Judicial Committee “No Show” Democrats…Their True Colors on Display.


Recess Appointments: Is the Court in Danger? | FreedomWorks

Today during a hearing of the Judicial Committee to send Amy Coney Barrett to the vote for Supreme Court Nomination, Democrats boycotted the vote. They were “no shows.” Instead they had posters of themselves placed in their seat which looked sophomoric. Maybe they should go back to high school as this is how they’re acting. And, astonishingly, half of them ran for president but, thank God, they didn’t make it. They showed their true colors today and future Justice Amy will not forget it.

These same type of Democrats refused to go to President Trump’s Inauguration Ceremony leaving several chairs empty in a show of disrespect. Has anyone noticed that only Democrats behave like this? When have Republicans ever boycotted an important vote or ceremony? We pay these elected representatives to show up for work, not to make embarrassing statements like a foolish “walk out” or “sit in” from the 70s.

Now, understandably, poor Kamala was raised in an activist family and was on her mother’s back during protests as a baby, so we do what we see from our childhood. However, this is not what we look for in a president nor a vice president otherwise DeBlasio would be debating Trump tonight. We did, unfortunately, elect a community organizer (Obama) which is euphemistic for “community activist.” And we don’t want to make that same mistake again.

This may be the first time in history that the left does not show for a vote for a supreme court justice but was probably better than they way they slandered Justice Kavanaugh. Amy Coney Barrett didn’t deserve this kind of childish behavior after all the hard work she’s done to get where she is. It is another national disgrace from the left trying to stick it to her. And they say they are the party for women. BS!

Tonight we will witness the last debate between President Trump and an empty suit. Trump will be interrupted, muted, and shutdown in midsentence like before while Biden is allowed to stutter through his memorized word salads without one interruption. We can’t do anything to stop the Debate Commission from choosing biased venues, questions, and moderators. All we can do is sit and yell at the tv as the left tries to dismantle Trump. But Trump will stand up for himself despite the mute button. He’ll just have to talk softly and carry a big stick.

Propitiously, the New York Times is reporting that Trump has a secret bank account in China! Well, since when do we believe any story the New York Times reports; and if it’s so secret, how do they know about it? Unnamed sources told us. Sounds like another hit piece before the debate. How much did “the big guy” pay them to print that story? Now we know what he’s been doing in the basement. The New York Times makes their money from bribes and graft it appears, not from newspaper sales. As Rush explained yesterday, the New York Times and Washington Post want to run the country from their newspaper printshop and Biden has promised to do anything they tell him to, if he wins.

So fasten your seatbelts as we are in for a raucous debate. Trump is loaded for bear as we all are. We’re fed up and not going to take it any longer. Enough it enough.


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