Civil Unrest is an International Embarrassment.

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Anyone that partakes in civil unrest after this election is called, is nothing more than a spoiled child who didn’t get his way. We don’t reward spoiled children, we give them a timeout. And we shouldn’t reward spoiled adults, we need to arrest them. Just the fact that 26 cities are having to board up their stores to protect their businesses from vandalism is a crying shame. Plywood should only be used in the event of a hurricane or tornado not angry spoiled people.

What kind of a country are we turning into where this is acceptable and expected behavior? The first sign of anyone touching a store, should result in a strong arrest to set an example for the rest of them. Don’t let them start banging on walls and eventually tearing the plywood off like we’ve seen before. It is disgraceful.

We need to show these anarchists that law enforcement is still able to enforce not stand back and watch. Take these thugs out and pile them in a paddy wagon. Don’t let them out on bail; give them a stiff sentence like three months in jail. This is the only way we can stop them. Trump may have to use his powers to send in the national guard in the event the mayors of these towns tell the police to “stand down and let them destroy.”

For the media to claim that the reason the stores are boarded up is in the event that Trump loses and his supporters protest is absurd. Trump supporters will stay home with egg on their faces and drink a bottle of wine or a six pack of beer, not vandalize.

To all those Democrats who are reviled by a Trump flag, I say this to you and you know who you are: You are the reason you are reviled, not Trump. That’s on you. You have issues within your own self and need to look in the mirror. You are not a happy person to begin with. You blame others for your failures and Trump is an easy target. I feel sorry for you that a flag agitates you so much. There’s something missing in your life like God and faith and as a result hate has consumed you. You know who you are. You’re like a Colin Kaepernick, something went wrong in your life. Change your ways and accept the results of the election like a mature adult, like I had to do for eight years under Obama. It was a bitter pill to swallow but I got it down.

Civil unrest is a international disgrace and needs to stop. Tolerance and acceptance are very underrated as I see less and less of it everyday. Now I will sit and wait for the results which we have all been anticipating for so long. Trump deserves a win as the truth will always prevail and from what I’ve seen at the rallies, it is prevailing big time.


3 thoughts on “Civil Unrest is an International Embarrassment.

  1. I have written about this dilemma a couple of times. It started in 1947 with the infamous Dr. Spock. As they say, the rest is history. Experts have written extensively on the horrendous fallout from this single book, that altered how children were being raised. That my friend was the root of what we see today.

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  2. Ma made Pa read the book. Pa was not a slouch. He got it. But he never forgot how to smoke my britches when I stepped over the line. If somebody tells ya it’s heavy, you never know until you try to lift it yourself. Libbies (most of’m) long ago left the hard work to Juanita, and Ahmed. Read dumb stuff while getting their nails done, never spent the time to proof the dough.

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