If This Election is Stolen From Trump, he Ends up a Martyr…


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The briefings aren't working: Trump's approval rating takes a dip - POLITICO

and the symbolic leader of the Republican Party for a decade. Is that what you want Dems? I…don’t…think…so. So you better be careful what you wish for.

On the other hand if he is allowed to win, which he did; he would stroll into the sunset after four more years, and you’d never hear from him again. But you blew it, and now you’ll get what you deserve. Trump is a very successful man in all that he does. Unlike Biden who uses his son to vacuum up money in other countries. Trump will be watching Biden’s every move and on him like white on Chinese rice. You blew it.

And he’ll have 70,000,000 disenfranchised voters on his side and that’s not a good thing. Hell hath no fury like 30,000,000 scorned women. We’re pissed. Spare me the Kumbaya that the left is trying to have with us. You’ve been maligning Trump for four years to the point of impeaching him for nothing and calling his supporters every name in the book, spare me. Even Michelle today called us liars, haters, chaotic, and divisive. This does not unite us, lady. Shut the bleep up. You didn’t win. “Stealing” is not winning. If it was, I could go steal a Lamborghini tomorrow and say I won it.

And Biden last night trying to steal the mantle of president before all the states have been decided was rich. And maybe it was just me but they looked uncomfortable in that position, even Kamala. It was like actors pretending to be president and VP. So unnatural, so forced. Possession is nine tenths of the law so his handlers must have told him to go out and possess it. What no one knows is that Joe’s mind is nothing more than a parrot who repeats what they tell him to say. Sometimes he hears what they tell him in private and it comes out. That’s dangerous for a president.

Trump won against Hillary fair and square without the help of tainted ballots, lawless election workers, felonious postal workers, and tampered voting machines. And he had no help from Russia, China, Ukraine or senators that invested in these voting machines. He won with his own money too; not big donors from Hollywood, Wall Street, and big tech. Just Trump money. Unlike Biden and Hillary who would be beholden to them. Big tech and China own Biden right now otherwise they come out with the truth. This is called blackmail.

Trump is his own person, not a phony politician that changes his position like a leaf in the wind. He sticks. If Trump ends up losing, he’ll be made a martyr for sure. He should start his own television news network in competition with FOX News which has been taken over by liberal Murdock sons’ wives and a disgruntled Paul Ryan. Let’s see how fast FOX goes under for abandoning their audience to try to be fair and balanced. First hired will be Tucker, Hannity, Jesse, and Laura. The rest will be left blowing in the wind at FOX with Juan Williams, Donna Brazille, and now Martha and Brett. Shame on all of them. They didn’t stand by our man. They jumped ship last night.

Still better off with Trump.


4 thoughts on “If This Election is Stolen From Trump, he Ends up a Martyr…

  1. I’m super excited about Fox tanking! I’ve been trying to get my mom to turn it off for at least 4 years. After election night, she finally did! (Praise God)! No clue where to find ratings, whether daily or weekly tabulated, but I’m seeing many people on different sites ditching them! Yes!!!


  2. Newsmax is fantastic! I’ve been put off a few times over the last couple of years, but that’s likely just me being a woman. My view is always right! 😀

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