The Big Charade.

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Right now we are going through the biggest charade that Biden won the presidential election that I’ve ever witnessed in my lifetime. We have to listen to all the news networks “going through the motions” that the election process was void of fraud. Seriously? Who are they really kidding? Has everyone on this planet gone bonkers? How can we sit back and let this charade continue without speaking up? The world is watching and even they know Biden cheated. Just the fact that Biden is choosing his cabinet (who are relics from the swamp) is enough to make someone in the news throw up or at least laugh, but they aren’t. They are going through the motions that Biden won the presidential election fair and square! FOX News is the biggest traitor since…since…since…we all know who we’re thinking of…McCain, Romney, or anyone that wrote a book after they were fired.

Someone had to scrape the cobwebs off of John Kerry and Janet Yellen to drag them back to work. Kerry had dried ketchup stains on his clothes and was sitting on lost French fries. But seriously, how much more do we have to take before someone puts an end to this charade, farce, travesty, absurd pretense? Kerry chosen to be the Climate Czar? The left loves that word Czar yet they claim Trump was in bed with Russia? What would Kerry know about our climate? He’s no scientist, no environmentalist, no climatologist, can’t even ride a bicycle, and lives off his wife’s fortune made from polluting factories. He probably flies in a private jet, rides in limos, and lives in an energy-sucking mansion. Hypocrisy. At least choose someone who walks the talk.

If the tables were turned and Trump had stolen the election from Biden with rigged machines, forged ballots, ineligible votes, and corrupt election workers, the media would be having a field day with this news. But since Biden winning meets their narrative, they remain silent. All they are ballyhooing about is covid shutdowns, increased cases, and the number of Thanksgiving guests. Or what I call their latest smokescreen.

It is a total charade that started even before election day. The Big Tech was in on the sham as they buried news stories for weeks that would have buried Biden’s chances of winning, so did all the newspapers and news networks except for FOX who waited until election night. Biden didn’t even have to campaign as he knew the fix would be in. Instead he just mocked Trump and the GOP for not wearing masks. This is what he ran on. And the left ate it up.

Not one news anchor asked Biden about the policies he was running on. Not one. So we are basically going to be surprised if he pulls this off. He is already promising to tax guns that have already been purchased sort of like our yearly DMV registration. It’s a big ripoff. They also want to send our Warp Speed vaccines to poor countries FIRST! And Kamala slipped by admitting that they will “open up” the economy, which means they have purposely been shutting it down to hurt Trump. But this is just a taste of what’s to come.

Let’s hope Trump and his legal team can put an end to this charade soon as it is starting to stink up the country. And this is a stench that won’t go away for years.


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