“Out of the Mouths of Babes”…

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saying gave new meaning to me. After three years of my twelve year old grandson being indoctrinated in school by his teachers that Obama was the greatest president ever then four more years of what a racist buffoon President Trump is, he finally made an unexpected wise, intelligent remark! After all, he’s been home computer learning all year due to covid and not being inundated daily with snide remarks from his biased teachers.

During the presidential campaign he was probably limited in what he watched at home. Probably never watched one of Trump’s rallies; but weeks before the election, became curious about who was running against what he heard was the most racist, bigoted president in history. He watched the second debate between Trump and Biden. When it was over he said, “There’s something wrong with Biden. The guy’s weird. I can’t chose him to be our president. At least with Trump, he’s fun to watch. This other guy is boring and angry. Something is wrong with him” much to his parents’ surprise. My son thought, Yes! We got a Trump supporter here! My mom will be happy.

“Out of the mouths of babes.” So he’s not a baby but a preteen; but regardless, people say this when children unexpectedly say something very intelligent or wise. He pointed out something that the media for two years failed to say, and he only saw Biden for two hours on television. The media and big tech have been viewing Biden for many years and knew better but said nothing. It is a travesty that they pushed this unqualified candidate on America. It is an absurdity that we’ll have to live with for the rest of our lives unless the Supreme Court is as inciteful as my twelve year old grandson was after the debate.

Silver lining? Maybe home computer learning is not so bad as it keeps the political views (insults) of the teachers away from impressionable minds. But would much rather prefer in-class learning with teachers that keep politics out of the classroom. If only our principals in our schools would make the teachers practice to refrain from political opinions (insults), our youth would graduate from high school much better off. It takes years of deprogramming their brainwashed, spongy minds, if possible. Way too late for an “out of the mouths of babes” by then. If not possible, they end up joining BLM or Antifa, looting and burning down our cities in the name of “peaceful” protesting.



2 thoughts on ““Out of the Mouths of Babes”…

  1. I never heard a single word of political rhetoric from any of my teachers while in public schools. Probably because back then, teachers weren’t unionized. Politics have no place in public schools. The emphasis needs to be on academics, and allow the students to develop their own political leanings on their own. Being young should be a happy time, free of the adult nonsense that we have to deal with. Adults that push that stuff on kids aren’t right in their heads.

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  2. He used to tell me “the whole school hates Trump and makes fun of him. They love Obama.” Where are they learning this? Teachers, MSM, and FB. His teacher allowed a large Baby Trump balloon to come into the classroom with the kids all laughing. This teaches disrespect and hate for a President of the United States and grooms future anarchists. You’re right we never had teachers back then form opinions on our presidents, just respect. We need to bring respect back into our schools for all presidents not just Democrat ones.


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