If the AMA, Media, and Some Governors Had Embraced Hydroxychloroquine to be Prescribed…

Photo by Julie Viken on Pexels.com

early on to a covid-19 patient, approximately 100,000 lives could have been saved. But now we’ll never know will we? But since they didn’t, they could have blood on their hands. Now suddenly they are embracing and recommending the success of HCQ just as Trump did early on. Amazing.

The reason they shunned it was because the media went after Trump for endorsing it and everyone else got in lockstep. One FOX News anchor even said with no prior knowledge, “Hydroxychloroquine will kill people!” Ironically, not taking it killed people. The reason they are endorsing it now is because the election is over, and they think Biden has it in the bag. It’s okay to save lives now. Biden, our hero, is in charge. I wouldn’t be surprised if Biden starting embracing HCQ and got credit for saving lives.

Once the biased media gets involved, the rest of these cowards cave to pressure. My husband’s doctor when asked called HCQ just a placebo which was medical malpractice to say. They use it in third world countries to prevent malaria and here for lupus, and it’s been around for 50 years. But since he hates Trump, it was a convenient answer.

Trump got a raw deal in this election and his supporters are fuming mad. But we won’t just “let it go” like the suppressed news media wants us to do. We will keep at it until the midterm elections and hopefully by then clean as many Democrats out of Congress as possible, taking the power away from Nancy, Schumer, AOC, Bernie and the squad. It’s our only chance to save our country from Socialism. Then we’ll give Kammie or phlegmy Joe ( if he’s still alive or there) two years of hell like they gave Trump. We’re up to the challenge. What goes around, comes around. By then we will have eliminated all potential chances of voter fraud from the states’ voting precincts. We ain’t gonna fall for this again.

By then We the (rest of the) People will realize what a sham the Democrats have pulled on America as they won’t like where it’s going. They will have gotten the truth about the Bidens and their years of selling access to “the big guy” to other countries. They will have gotten the truth about how the election was stolen from Trump. They will have gotten the truth about the false Russian Collusion hoax played on Trump. They will have gotten the truth about the Obama Administration spying on the Trump campaign.

Trump will be a private citizen if he doesn’t win and will control the conservative media somehow. He will get the truth out to everyone that was unable to hear it for years. Where there’s a will, there’s a way and Trump has the motivation. Maybe he should start his own conservative social media to put Twitter out of business. Trump got a raw deal and won’t walk away silently from getting screwed. No one would. Be careful what you steal, Biden. It may come back to bite you.

Just too bad hydroxychloroquine wasn’t used early on for covid-19 patients. It’s a shame what politics can cause. Politics can be hazardous to our health. Even cause death.


3 thoughts on “If the AMA, Media, and Some Governors Had Embraced Hydroxychloroquine to be Prescribed…

  1. I’m sure you’re aware of this, but two new conservative social media platforms have emerged and are quickly gaining popularity among conservatives. Parler, is a great alternative to Twitter, with no heavy handed censors looking over your shoulder. Sean Hannity and others at Fox have switched over, as well as the Newsmax folks. I’m sure One America News people use it as well. Me/We looks like an excellent alternative to Facebook. There are others as well, you just have to search and find one that fits your needs.

    The leftist mindset is like a cancer that is destroying everything in it’s path. If anything is endorsed by a conservative group or individual, they immediately go into a rage, and won’t stop until they destroy it. The Democrat party should change their name to the “Killer D’s”.


  2. I’m only on Instagram and they won’t let me post from a laptop any longer. I don’t look for twitters or facebook. But since Trump likes Twitter so much he should start one on his own is what I was saying. I’ve heard of Parlor. I like your Killer D’s comment.


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