Who Are the Low IQ, Mediocre Grinches of Christmas?


Love the mom’s expression in the end.

We’ve all run across them during the shutdown of our cities, restaurants, bars, salons, schools, concert halls, gyms, and other forms of entertainment. They’re the ones who shout at you for not wearing a mask, who refuse visitors over the holidays, who make anyone that comes into their home don a mask, who make businesses go into lockdown, who want to impose power over others they don’t even know, who sneak into restaurants or salons owned by their friends, who want to make life miserable for others over the holiday because they are, in fact, miserable themselves just like the fictional Grinch. We should feel sorry for them.

Maybe they’re feeling guilty that they got caught stealing the election from Trump and just can’t rejoice. Nancy, Cuomo, DeBlasio, Biden, Kamala, and Newsom certainly don’t appear to be happy after the election. So what do they do? They punish their cities and states. It’s all they know how to do. It’s all they’ve been doing for the last four years since Trump won the first time. If they really thought that they’d won, they’d all be dancing in the streets like the morons did the day after the election before they realized that it had been stolen under suspicious circumstances. Even Inspector Clouseau and Barney Fife would be able see that the election had been stolen but not our FBI and DOJ! There’s nothing to see here.

Inspector Clouseau biography | birthday, trivia | Fictional Ninny | Who2
More Life Lessons from Barney Fife : "It's therapetic!" - The Last Drive In

I notice my Democrat relatives haven’t been too joyous over Christmas. They refused any visitors due to covid. They must know in their heart of hearts that Biden cheated and that they lost. Are they ashamed? Will they admit it? I’d hate it if Trump cheated and was awarded the win. I’d feel awful. I’d feel guilty too. Do they? Maybe.

Only time will tell how all the chips will fall. We certainly have enough evidence to prove voter fraud in at least five states. But do we have the mettle to go through with it? Do the uninformed masses have the mettle to sit through it? From the looks of it, they are too self-absorbed to even care. Just let it go is their common refrain. Must have come from their favorite movie, Frozen. Low IQ, mediocre Grinches.

This video exhibits how the low IQ, mediocre Grinches of Christmas behave.

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