Capitol Breach was a Setup.

The more I hear from the Democrats and the media in the aftermath of the historic invasion of our nation’s capitol, the more I’m convinced the left hijacked a peaceful demonstration by Trump supporters by sending in their drones. Then succeeding the breach, the media and Democrats have turned the incident into a call to have Trump removed from office? Are you kidding me? When will this madness stop?!!!

Trump did nothing to incite the breach of the Capitol Building. Asking his supporters to go the Capitol is akin to folks standing outside the Supreme Court. Nothing wrong with it. The Capitol Police were incompetent and this is Trump’s fault? Once the crowd gathered outside the building, the National Guard should have come in to push them back off the steps and walls. But no. These animals were allowed to climb vertical walls, break windows, bash in doors with no police in sight. Some arrested have known criminal records with BLM rioting. Duh! It should have been stopped at this point.

Someone called for this breach to occur and also had the police stand back and it was not Trump. Someone refused the help from the National Guard so we know it’s a setup. “Never let a crisis go to waste” is their mantra. They used a peaceful demonstration (which they consider a crisis) and turned it onto Trump. These weren’t the crowds that we’ve seen at Trump rallies. This crowd was infiltrated by bad actors as evidenced by their arrest records. Witnesses can attest to the fact that they were all behaving peacefully until they reached the barriers. Then everything went to hell. Someone opened the barriers for the crowd to enter which makes me tend to believe this was planned all along. How we can fall into their traps over and over befuddles me. We should have known better.

We stepped right into their trap. Again. The Trump supporters who went along with the breach should all be arrested. But Antifa (or whatever the hell call themselves) who broke into the building need to be put away for a long time. I can assure you, if the woman who needlessly got shot was a BLM member rather than a Trumper, the secret service would have rolled out the red carpet for her. Notice there is no outrage for her shooting like there was for Breonna. No outrage from the media. I always say, however, when you lie down with dogs (or cats), you’ll get fleas. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But what about the hypocrisy of this riot compared to what rioters did outside the White House and all year long for that matter? They burned St. Johns church near the White House while cops stood back. They threw bricks, looted, destroyed police cars, burned stores, seized police headquarters and cities, attacked innocent people, and the left remained silent. Even Biden and Harris said nothing to squelch the violence. In fact, they encouraged street violence until they could get their way. Now when a few Trump supporters have a peaceful demonstration they can’t handle it? They call them extremists and thugs? They don’t want a taste of their own medicine. It doesn’t taste good.

I think this whole mess was planned by the Democrats so they could get another chance to impeach or have Trump removed. Why would the Chief of the Capitol Police suddenly resign? All this stinks to high hell. Why are they so afraid of the next twelve days? Why can’t Trump leave office in a peaceful (yet unwarranted) transition of power? Maybe they want to ruin his legacy prior to him leaving so he has no chance to run again. Maybe they’re afraid of his supporters ruining Biden’s first term by constantly protesting his illegitimate presidency.

Let’s get something straight. Biden and his cronies STOLE THE ELECTION! This is clear as the sky is blue when it is blue. He will have to live with this for the rest of his life. Trump, on the other hand, will live with the fact that he played the game fair and square, has an incredible family, and had a successful four years in office. He has nothing to be ashamed of.

What about our lame, fairweather Republicans that jumped ship in a storm yesterday? From Pence to Chao to Lindsey to Devos to Mulvaney what in the world are they thinking? They see their president is getting attacked from all sides and they surrender? I don’t know. I’ve been a big defender of these members of congress and cabinet, and they’ve let me down. They are literally rats running from a ship being attacked by the enemy. Way to support your president who fought for us.

Thank you President Trump. It was a setup and we got played. You will be missed. Politics is a dirty business, too dirty for the likes of you. Biden fits in perfectly.


5 thoughts on “Capitol Breach was a Setup.

  1. I’m not sure you will be able to get this to work. It was sent to me last night via text, and it worked, but later tried to access it through you tube and it said it was unavailable ( which wasn’t surprising )

    If you are able to access the video, the vlogger confirms your opinion plus other interesting stuff


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