We Are Living in a State of Limbo.

Prairie dog wondering what’s going to happen.

No one knows what will happen between now and January 20th, and we are feeling like this prairie dog looks. Will Joe Biden really be inaugurated? I’m not so sure. They are preparing for a huge attack by an enemy based on all the fences erected and security brought in; but it is clear from facts coming out, that the last riot was instigated by anarchists. They support Biden, so this baffles me. Who’s coming to command such a heavy-handed response?

Trump has finally released classified documents revealing that the FBI was in on pushing a Russia Collusion crime onto Trump in order to run interference for their buddy Hillary. Three years of a Mueller Probe costing taxpayers 35 mil. Shouldn’t that be a crime in itself? The media and social media are dead set in taking away conservatives rights to freedom of speech, right to assemble, and right to bear arms. Are they going to be held accountable?

Nancy and her cohorts broke the constitution when they impeached Trump with a drive-by impeachment presenting no evidence of a crime. Will they be held accountable? Small businesses are being forced to shut down and some of them are getting their bank accounts confiscated by their local government. Is this legal? Sounds like something done in a communist country.

More and more proof is being released that our election was stolen by the Democrats. Will anyone be held accountable? Anyone? Will Biden be arrested prior to his inauguration and replaced by the true winner, Trump? And where’s Hunter and Durham? I’d really like to know. Every state is using different criteria for who gets Trump’s covid vaccination causing residents to get angry and frustrated. Their governors have no set plan and are not releasing information on websites to inform their people, leaving them in limbo. It’s every man and woman for themselves it seems.

The Democrats have been inciting violence over the airwaves and on the internet for years with no repercussions, and yet they accuse Trump of inciting violence when he did not. Remember what Madonna, DeNiro, Depp, Maxine, and many others have threatened. Harvard Trump supporters are being threatened to lose their diplomas.

Our freedoms are being attacked daily by the left, and it is getting out of control. No one knows what is going on. We really don’t. We’ve lost communication with the president due to Twitter banning and Parler closing and are left with only Newsmax who is grabbing at straws to make sense of what is going on. FOX News is done except for in the evening.

We feel desperate and saddened at the same time about what is going on. No one seems to be able to tell us. All we do know is that J-Lo will be performing at Joe’s in-aug. Big whoop! Can’t wait!

What do we have to look forward to if Biden becomes president for real? Migrant grape pickers getting $15 an hour raising the cost of wine, hamburger flippers getting $15 an hour causing massive layoffs at In and Out Burger, stimulus checks being mailed out too late to pay anyone’s rent, and open borders with caravans coming our direction. Great! Can’t wait!

Getting in bed with China and back in bed with Iran. Revoking Trump’s tax cuts and taxing our wealth. Small businesses getting their corporate taxes raised causing massive layoffs. Some of these companies may have voted for Biden and will get what is coming to them, but the rest of us didn’t. The Supreme Court will get packed with more members. John Roberts will be getting what he deserves but we won’t be. Great! Can’t wait!

Free healthcare for all, even illegals. How will that work? It will be paid by our government, having seniors share their Medicare with illegals. Do they even know that we are paying for it out of OUR social security retirement check? Comes right off the top. Illegals and others not retired will not be contributing. A recipe for bankruptcy. Ending fossil fuel will make us energy dependent on the Middle East. A recipe for terror attacks again. Great! Can’t wait.

Bottom line is Biden will not unite the country. He will divide it so harshly down strict political lines and even take prisoners and punish his enemies. We will not even be able to keep our friends, colleagues, and family that are on the other side. Great…can’t wait.

This is why we are all in a state of limbo. We don’t really know what is coming down the pike. Biden never told us his plan while running for president in his basement, and now we will just have to get what his handlers force on us. Great…can’t wait. :</


2 thoughts on “We Are Living in a State of Limbo.

  1. Everyone thought Bill Barr was going to be the guy that made everything right…..wrong. Everyone has been waiting with baited breath on the Durham report, along with indictments. Well, in typical D.C. tactics, they delayed that long enough to be under the new Democrat ran D.O.J. and now nothing will happen, it will be swept under the rug and never seen again. The only justice in the Department of Justice is in the name. The whole thing is a sham, and makes me sick to my stomach. The whole damn government is one big charade. The question is…..who is really pulling the strings? It’s the Wizard of Oz for real.


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