The Left is Trying to Erase Conservatives from Existence.

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Remember the photo of Marty’s vanishing family from Back to the Future? Remember how one by one they started to fade? Well…that’s what the left wants to do to us. Make us disappear.

Publishing companies refusing to publish a book written by Trump, Harvard trying to revoke diplomas from Trump’s staff, social media closing all Trump and supporters accounts, vetting members in the military for having conservative views, removing Trump’s cameo from Home Alone, sending children of conservatives to reeducation camps, deprogram anyone in what they call the Trump cult, asking telecommunication companies like Comcast to cancel all conservative news networks, and cancelling music contracts for attending a Trump rally.

All of this talk is the talk of Nazi communists and very Orwellian and they have no idea how they sound. “Orwellian is an adjective describing a situation, idea, or societal condition that George Orwell identified as being destructive to the welfare of a free and open society. It denotes an attitude and control by propagandasurveillancedisinformationdenial of truth (doublethink), and manipulation of the past, including the “unperson” a person whose past existence is expunged from the public record and memory, practiced by modern repressive governments.” Wikipedia. Basically they are blacklisting or blackballing all conservatives. Maybe they should come up with a new name like “blacklivesmattering” us all. We got blacklivesmattered. They won’t silence me.

What’s next, burning all books with Trump’s name in them, mass burning of MAGA hats, confiscating our bank accounts, firing us from our jobs, bombing RNC offices, microchipping all conservatives so they can’t board airplanes, or putting us all into a camp? This is not uniting America. This will enrage America.

For publishing companies to lie that Trump incited a coup d’état and put children in cages is exactly what Obama did. They are projecting what Obama was guilty of doing onto Trump, again. And Katie Couric saying that the GOP members bought into “the Big Lie” [that the election was stolen] from their constituents and need to be deprogrammed is a crock of sh-t. Katie must be overdue for her colonoscopy because she is full of you know what. They’re all trying to cover up the fact that the election was stolen by repeating that it was a Big Lie. Nice try.

I got silenced yesterday by a long time friend when she said she just wants calm in the country to return after Biden gets in. So that prompted me to ask her, “You don’t think Trump incited the attack on the Capitol do you?”

“Yes he did!” (I seriously thought she’d say, No, of course not, but I was wrong.)

“Where did you hear that?” I asked.

“Trump stirred up his crowd telling them we are strong and go fight.

I then told her Trump said, “March to the capitol ‘peacefully and patriotically’ and let your voice be heard.”

“No he didn’t! He caused it! Those were Trump supporters!”

“No, some of them were Antifa and BLM disguised with flags and Trump hats.”

“I can’t listen to this!” She hung up. I got cancelled or silenced.

I won’t be silenced when someone is blatantly wrong. If they were a little wrong, I’d let it go. But she wouldn’t even give Trump the benefit of the doubt that some agitators were dressed in Trump clothes to make Trump look bad. Wouldn’t even consider it. This is what we are dealing with now– cancellation of friendships. This coming from a gal that didn’t know there had been riots all year long in certain cities, hadn’t watched one presidential debate, nor the State of the Union Address. “Why are they boarding up stores?” she once asked naively. “Who’s Nick Sandman?” This coming from someone who religiously reads the New York Times from front to back. Glad I didn’t tell her our election was stolen and that Biden has been selling access to his position to China for years. Glad I didn’t let that cat out of the bag. I need to find new friends.

Once Biden gets in, our tax cuts will be revoked, Paris Climate will be reenacted as well as the Iran deal, Keystone Pipeline workers will get fired, fossil fuel will be phased out, gas prices will soar, travel bans will be lifted from hotbed countries, illegals will be given citizenship, opening up our borders to all, minimum wage will soar to $15, layoffs will be massive, fracking will end, mask mandates across the nation, and no doubt our stocks will plummet. Basically, we will be China’s b-tch. I weep for all our futures even those who naively voted for him.

Even for my friend who silenced me. She hates wars and loves national parks. All the above will make us vulnerable to foreign wars again and increase the wildfires in our national parks due to all the homeless and illegals camping out there. She can’t come whining to me when things start to sour for her. Careful who you vote for. Elections have consequences. I won’t be silenced or erased! She won’t have Trump to kick around anymore! Now she can only blame Biden. Here’s a taste of what she’ll get.


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