Democrats: The Party of Instilling Fear.

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We’ve seen how Nancy Pelosi brought in 26,000 National Guard to protect Biden on Inauguration Day and some of them have remained. Well…this was just to instill a false fear of white supremacists in America. Young people are saying how there was an attempted overtake of the government by white supremacists when the Capitol Building was breached. It was hardly an overtake of the government, but this is how fear and lies spread, through facebook and twitter comments.

Evidence points to the breach being an inside planned attack to disrupt the proceedings that were going so well for the GOP, but it got out of control. Notice how they are trying to punish Hawley and Cruz for objecting to the electoral votes? All part of their plan to isolate them as being totally out of touch with America. But they are actually fighting for America.

Let’s face it, Biden wasn’t going to be able to draw a crowd at his inauguration to compete with a Trump crowd and that would hurt Biden’s image. So what better way to have an excuse for why there was no crowd than to shut down the city prior to the ceremony to protect Biden from the evil Trump supporters known to them as white supremacists. So ridiculous. But the gullibles bought it.

Ironically, since the Inauguration the leftists are still rioting in Portland, Seattle, and Denver and attacking Democrat interests and federal buildings, so Biden being president hasn’t changed a thing. The Mayor of Portland finally called them out for who they are, Antifa, not white supremacists. But it is too little, too late. The activists have gotten a taste of evil, and it’s hard to get them to stop.

We saw how the left turned the fear of catching covid into a mass mail-in ballot campaign as a ruse to steal the election. Guess what? Fear works again. We also saw how elected officials like Kammie and Biden instilled fear of the Trump vaccine to the public. Now a percentage of young folks and blacks are refusing to take it, thanks to the fear.

Trying to impeach Trump after he leaves office is another form of instilling fear of Trump onto Americans. Trump is so bad, we have to unconstitutionally impeach him after he leaves. This will no doubt leave a lasting impression at least among the gullibles or those not of legal age to vote. They’ll be taught this nonsense in school; and then when legal age to vote, will vote against Trump.

The Democrats only care when conservatives break the law. Liberal suspects are being released after breaking the law but those on the right have to stay in jail. Why is that? Because George Soros was successful in 2020 spending millions on campaigns to get radical District Attorneys placed in liberal cities like San Francisco across America that want to change the fabric of America into a leftist, socialist society. So, therefore, liberal suspects are treated with kid gloves while they throw the book at conservatives. Also why Trump has not been successful bringing his voter fraud cases to courts with activist judges. All in liberal cities. Well-calculated plan to hurt conservatives.

Now the left wants to get rid of the Death Penalty. This obviously will eliminate the deterrent for the worst and most heinous of crimes. The fabric of America is being changed.

What is the end game for the Democrats? What do they really want? To have all conservatives jailed and liberal criminals running free and taking over the government, open borders with millions of illegals pouring in, pipelines discarded and lying rusty on the ground, thousands of blue collar Americans out of work, discrimination against females in sports, gasoline soaring to an unprecedented level, dependency on our enemies for oil, truckers forced to quit their careers, terrorists allowed in from hotbed countries, homeless filling our streets, The Wall being torn down, and doctors quitting their jobs out of frustration? A third world country? All this is possible after only one week of Biden in office.

What do they really want? What is their end game? It starts out instilling fear in Americans but where are we heading? Even the conservative news anchors aren’t asking this. They may be thinking it, but political correctness keeps them from asking. They have to pretend to be giving Biden a chance even though all his executive actions so far have hurt America.


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