Goodbye “America First,” Hello “Apology Tour 2.0″…

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Under a Biden Administration. Biden’s picks for his cabinet looked like they came from Obama’s garbage heap. They are the antithesis of a Trump cabinet. They are shills, consultants, and lobbyists for global interests and enterprises. They have Harvard and Yale degrees, are soft spoken, and smug. Goodbye “America First.”

One of them was a big spreader of the Russia Collusion lie which makes him unqualified for any position. Some of them are CNN guests which also make them unqualified. Anyone that stupid or biased should not hold a position in the cabinet. But Biden likes to surround himself with liars, leftists, and hasbeens, much like Obama did. Why? To make himself look smarter or to blame them when he gets in trouble. That’s what Obama did. He stayed below the fray and let his drones like Holder, Lerner, and Comey take the rap.

Why would Biden ever get in trouble with the press? They’ve been kissing his ass for two years, why stop now? They’d look like fools if they turned on him now. When listening to this cast of retreads speak yesterday it was as if we were in the middle of a war on terrorism on our shores, ISIS, and North Korea all over again. They are definitely living in the past. Didn’t they get the memo that Trump brought peace in the Middle East, vetted flights from hotbed countries, and took out ISIS? I guess not, the press didn’t cover it. They are all about opening up our borders to immigrants, offering free healthcare and college to illegals, getting in bed with Iran and China, sending Trump’s Warp Speed vaccines to poor countries first, sticking it to Israel, and jumping into the Climate Accord which only means our gas prices soar to compensate for other polluting countries, China. Goodbye “America First.

Kamala said that Biden will take advice that he needs to hear not what he wants to hear or something to that effect. How does that sit with the whole Democrat party ignoring the riots tearing up our country all year long and them taking no sides? Was Biden given advice on this and it wasn’t what he wanted to hear so he remained silent? He wouldn’t even take one unscreened question from a reporter. Such liars. Biggest phony candidate in history. America’s not back under a Biden Administration, it is only going back to a failed Obama presidency. Not good.

To me, a Biden Presidency would be nothing more than a nightmare in slow motion. I can see the future and it looks grim. Now I hear Hillary wants a high position in his cabinet like Secretary of Defense. The lady who caused the Benghazi terror attack, then lied about it, then destroyed evidence regarding it, then conspired to frame Trump wants a position as Defense Secretary? The only defense she is good at is defending herself with bribery and blackmail. She probably played a big part in the theft of our latest election too. The lady who called Trump an illegitimate president wants a job working under a REAL illegitimate president. The irony is stifling.

Goodbye “America First.”


UPDATED 1-27-21

Why the heck are we seeing Susan Rice, the liar, come to the podium to make speeches. Is this a joke or is Biden just trying to stick it to us? We can’t stand looking at this liar. Remember she wrote the memo to herself saying, “Obama said we did everything by the book” on her last day in the Obama Administration. Obviously a CYA memo. We’re just not sure what book they’re referring to.

We are getting what I expected and more. It will not turn out good.


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