Unite or Ignite America, Which is it?

Igniting or Uniting America.

Biden promised to Unite America. He said it in all his speeches, but I don’t feel united. I feel more divided than ever. We have to talk on eggshells with anyone that voted for Biden and thinks that he won fair and square. It’s hard to do, so I’m avoiding Democrats altogether. Unfortunately, most of my friends are Democrats or fair weather Republicans. I can’t remain silent on how Trump got robbed. It’s going to come out even in a casual conservation, and they will object by saying I am in a Trump cult. That’s one of their new insults.

The main difference between now and when Trump won in 2016, is Trump didn’t cheat nor did his voters. We didn’t flip votes, vote more than once, vote underage, vote as a non-resident, cast Xeroxed ballots, discard ballots, vote as an illegal, or vote after we died. We voted honestly and fairly even though the left tried to overturn the results for four years.

But this elephant in the room with the last election will cause hard feelings between friends. Friends don’t want to be in a party that cheated and don’t want it pointed out to them. Their standard refrain is, “Well…there were some shenanigans but they didn’t amount to flipping any states in Trump’s favor.” How do they know that when there hasn’t been one court willing to look at the evidence? Shenanigan is their euphemistic word now for criminal activity.

If the tables were turned and Trump supporters had conspired half of what they’ve done, it would be a worldwide scandal hitting all the networks, headlines, and, yes, social medias. There would be a movie in the making as I write. But when it is done by the Democrats, we are told to hush! Shut up or we’ll fire or cancel your ass! I’m sick of it. Conservatives are being mistreated by the Democrats and no one is objecting to it. They just take it.

The number one thing Biden could do to unite America is to ask for an audit done in the six questionable states. What is he afraid of? If he won fair and square, he should welcome a review if only to put 74 million voters at ease. But he doesn’t. Instead, he wants to impeach Trump for questioning the election results and cancel anyone on social media or news networks that speak of voter fraud. This only ignites us even more.

Conservatives that voice their views or have attended a Trump rally get cancelled from their gigs or jobs. Free speech is dead! Biden has made sure of that. But let’s get something straight. No one at the January 6th speech was influenced by Trump as far as learning about voter fraud. In fact, his speech lacked vigor and excitement as it was more of a review of the election. Everyone there was fully up to speed on what happened on election night and came to D.C. to support Trump. They didn’t learn anything new or get incited to commit crimes. The FBI was fully aware of agitators coming to town but were told to stand down by someone. The FBI needs to be investigated, not Trump. Chris Wray needs to resign; he has screwed up one too many times. But notice he is the one holdover from the Trump Administration that Biden is keeping in office. I wonder why? I smell a rat.

Riots on the left are still going on. These thugs look for an excuse to come out of their basements and swarm the streets of any town U.S.A. that has a police incident which they don’t agree with. Biden has done nothing to quell these leftists, neither has Kammie. We will see more of the same throughout the year. But the Capitol is still protected with high fences with barbed wire on them. What a joke.

And what’s going on with McConnell these days? I have always supported him and defended his decisions in the past. He has apparently either been blackmailed or bribed, most likely blackmailed, by the Dems in power or China to jump ships or else. Biden’s press secretary is condescending and cocky. She makes fun of Space Force as though it doesn’t exist, saying she has no idea who’s in charge of it. Apparently since Biden didn’t come up with the program, it will be scratched. They will not give Trump credit for anything. That’s why they are erasing all his accomplishments. I’m not feeling united. I feel ignited, though.


3 thoughts on “Unite or Ignite America, Which is it?

  1. You must have seen something in old ” turtle head ” that I didn’t see. I have never trusted Mitch McConnell. I’ve always viewed him as being one of the prime members of the swamp. He’s just another one of the old establishment Republicans that needs to get out of the way, and take a half a dozen other Republican Senators with him. We seriously need to purge the Republican party of all of the ” old guard ” and replace them with the likes of Matt Gaetz and Jim Jorden. If the Republican party is going to survive we need valiant soldiers, not pacifists. One more thing, if we go into another election cycle and the mail in voting is not resolved, you can forget about ever winning another election.


  2. By the way, I’m 100% on board with you, except for Mitch. In my opinion, the only reason he warmed up to Trump, is he was smart enough to see the power of Trump’s movement, and didn’t want to be on the wrong side. But in the end, after Trump was no longer around, he cozied up with the Dems, and it didn’t take long.

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    1. I sympathized with him when the BLM surrounded his house and tried to scare him and his wife. He cozied up way too fast to the Dems which made me suspect something else was up. Much prefer Gaetz and Jorden as well. And no more mail in ballots!


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