Trump: They Just Can’t Let Him Go.

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The media cannot stop reporting on Trump. He hasn’t even been in public lately but he still seems to dominate the news. From the Screen Actors Guild to Congress to the PGA to School Closures to The New York Times to vaccine distribution, they just can’t let him go. They are acting very vindictive and punitive to the point of being obsessive. Having a go at his cameo appearances in some movies shows how sick these people are. They are trying to erase Trump from existence and possible have him arrested. For what? Anything they can find.

They spent four years looking for something to charge him with, as he was doing too good at a job that was intended for politicians, not land developers, and especially not someone who used to be a Democrat turned Republican. This irked the media and Hollywood to no end and still does, apparently. They can’t let him go. He needs to be punished for leaving their party. If he had won as a Democrat, he would be the darling of the press; but since he won as a Republican, he deserves to be vilified.

They went after his friends, then his children, then his wife. Nothing stuck. It is driving the left insane. Nothing stuck because everything they accused him of was bogus. He was in no way a saint before he took office; but neither he nor his family certainly haven’t done anything to the caliber of the current occupant of the White House, his children, or siblings. Yet they are still coming for him. They just can’t let him go, peacefully.

The last four years whenever something went wrong, it was Trump’s fault. They blamed the China Virus, national shutdown of the economy, and now the capitol breach on Trump. This sham of an impeachment next week will be more of the same, blaming Trump. The election was stolen and most people with a brain realize that. But apparently whenever Trump reminds us, it’s grounds for impeachment or, in the very least, an incitement of insurrection. We are being told to shut up or else. In the words of Senator Hawley, “I won’t be silenced!”

I, for one, will never vote again unless the voting laws are changed. There needs to be a national voting system: in-person voting only, with voter ID, and limit of one day max of early voting. Voters need to show proof of citizenship and residency at time of casting their vote. No provisional ballots or mail-in ballots. Absentee ballots are okay. Paper ballots only with no computer voting. Security guards at every voting precinct and bonded observers from both parties present. A counting machine only that reads the paper ballot after the voter inserts it, not a computer connected to the internet. No human hands touching ballots other than the voters’. Anything less than this is just a recipe for election fraud, AGAIN.

O’Biden is taking a card from Hillary’s playbook. He said yesterday that he has been shot at. Remember Hillary said she dodged sniper fire when exiting a helicopter once as First Lady. If these Democrats aren’t lying, they aren’t talking. I suspect he is trying to rationalize why the Capitol is still fenced off with 5,000 guards around it. “Biden is in grave danger of being shot at.” Too funny and the press isn’t covering it. Shocker. I’m actually surprised he didn’t say Trump shot at him as they just can’t let him go.

As far as mask wearing: There’s no reason to wear a mask outside in the fresh air when no one’s around you. There’s no reason to wear a mask when walking with your partner. There’s no reason to wear a mask in your car when alone or with your partner. The covid germ is not lingering in the air waiting to attach itself to us, but it seems people believe it is. They are getting brainwashed by too many science fiction movies and Fauci which are one in the same.

We need to use common sense. Once we are vaccinated, we can feel free to be maskless around our family and even friends, if they are okay with it. This is the only way the virus will eventually dissipate. Wake up America. We are being duped! Thomas Jefferson once said, “People that don’t read the newspaper are more informed than those that do.” Wise words even back then. I still say Pelosi’s masks are the ugliest creatures around. They have taken on a life of their own, made from material, which is against all science. She looks stupid when standing alone at a podium wearing a mask as I’m quite sure she has already been vaccinated. This mask obsession of hers and Biden’s is almost as bad as their obsession with Trump. They just can’t let either of them go.


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