Newsom Fails, Cuomo Flails, and Biden Falls.

Oopsy daisy!
Embarrassing lack of mental awareness.

It’s been a bad week for the Fab Three. The male “darlings of the left” are fading fast. Their short stint of fame and glory is about up. Female stand-ins are lying in wait behind the curtain to replace them. The Democrats want these men out and replaced by liberal women…but not so fast. The GOP has some thoughts on who’s better to run California and New York, but we’re stuck with Kammie to replace Biden. That’s just how things work in government. And also how the Democrats planned this all along.

The fake news press didn’t cover the fall of Biden on the stairs of Air Force One, just conservative talk radio and news shows. They actually downplayed it as Biden blown over by the wind. Really? Is he that light? Visually, it was downright embarrassing and should be the subject of comedy skits for months. But not with the lying left media and Hollywood who hounded President Ford for years calling him a klutz for slipping down the stairs. Double standard.

This fall was a symbol of weakness that will spread across the global arena. Not a good look. No wonder Putin wants to debate the guy. He smells blood in the water like a Great White. China respects strength also, not weakness. So they used this to gain leverage over Biden in the meeting in Alaska. We are being humiliated by Biden on the world stage every time he opens his mouth and now when he attempts to run. Biden will not be able to debate Putin or even a ten year old for that matter.

We know why he insists on running up the stairs or across a stage. It is obvious he is trying to upstage Trump who usually walked slow and carried a big stick. He wants to look like a young, spry millenial; but he is delusional. Just because one is thin, does not make one healthy or even coordinated.

I’m embarrassed for our country every time he speaks. Play your record player, your phonograph at night. I have blond hairs on my legs that stand up when you rub them underwater. I love children sitting on my lap. Cut out your stock coupons. You’re a lying horse-faced pony soldier. Coalminers can become coders once they lose their jobs. How did the left ignore those comments? They should be ashamed. The election of this president is on them and the media. They own it.

He will probably need to step down soon for lack of mental acuity. Biden may have the shortest stint as president in U.S. History. All to fill his ego to be President of the United States. How humiliating for him. I guess it will be his comeuppance, his just deserts, his due. But at what price to our country for Joe to get his fifteen minutes of Presidential fame? It’s a national disgrace that I hope we never have to be forced into again. So you see, Newsom fails as governor, Cuomo flails at accusations, and Biden falls climbing stairs. Their time’s about up! Tick tock, tick tock.


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