Biden’s “Just Wait ‘n See” Answer to the Press.

Biden reading his answers from cheat notes.

Yesterday’s “close encounter of the first time” with Biden was riddled with outright lies, confusion, jokes that fell flat, and repetitive questions from the press. I give the press a “F” grade and Biden a “D”.

The bar was set so low for Slow Joe that just making it to the podium without tripping and enduring an hour gave him a “D”. His answers, which he read from prewritten typed notes in size 18 font, were more like a kid cheating on a test looking at notes written in the palm of his hand. Biden dodged and weaved questions, literally, while he swayed back and forth like a kindergartener ready to wet his pants.

The whole encounter was actually pitiful to watch. But what did we learn from his answers or non answers? We learned that Iran and North Korea are testing us, Russian and China are mocking us, and ISIS and Afghanistan are back in play. We also learned that reporters are forbidden to take cell phone pictures at the border until Biden gets things in order. In other words, “Mom, don’t go into my room until I get it cleaned up.”

Tucker did the best satirical review of Biden’s presser ever. He should be on late night comedy instead of the clowns they currently have. We also learned that Biden has a bitter taste in his mouth for Republicans, actually wishing the party would not be around in four years. Maybe that is his secret goal. He also despises Trump with a passion based on his hateful answers such as Trump allowed a child to starve on the side of the road at the border. I have never heard such sick lies like that from a president in my lifetime. He needs to check himself into an institution of some sort. He and Hillary seem to be suffering from similar ailments and the symptoms include: chronic hateful lies, delusional, no self-awareness, and urge to rewrite history.

All in all, yesterday’s presser was what we expected and more. Reporters seated ten feet apart wearing ridiculous double masks and asking the same question over and over. Biden droning on with his rehearsed answers or reading them from notes. No reporters from conservative news outlets were called upon. Worse question came from NPR who premised her question with since you’re a decent, nice guy you are attracting immigrants to the border. Let’s get one thing clear. It is not decent to put the needs of foreign children over the needs of our children at home. It is not nice to expose our country to thousands of infected illegals right when we are getting over the pandemic. It’s a super spreader. He’s not being decent or nice.

And his “just wait ‘n see” approach to the border is wearing thin. Just a matter of time before the likes of smug Colbert, the champagne-toasting, dancing, late night fool, sees the light. Wait until his taxes are hit, his gasoline skyrockets, we go to war, or he’s threatened by an illegal or ISIS, then we’ll see if he’s still rejoicing. Because the rest of us are scared to death of the next four years.


One thought on “Biden’s “Just Wait ‘n See” Answer to the Press.

  1. It will eventually sink in that Biden is not actually making any decisions about anything, he is incapable of it. The country is being ran by the “permanent state”. Basically on ” auto pilot “. I should be apparent to anyone paying even minimal attention that Joe is a prop. Watching him fumble through a bunch of information cards, and try to keep up with everyone was pathetic. His whole presidency is a charade. The only reason he is standing before that group of people should be easy for anyone to understand, VOTER FRAUD!.

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