It’s Biden’s Way or the Highway.

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He’s leading like a dictator in case anyone hasn’t noticed. He’s been this way since January 20th and it’s getting worse. Is it his dementia or is he trying to make this country “one party rule” before he dies? What a legacy he would leave. First, leaving behind a corrupt, drug addicted, lying son but that isn’t enough. He also wants the socialcrats to rule the country and take away all of our checks and balances. He basically wants Republicans to exist no longer. And he wants the memory of Trump to be wiped from our brains. If he could do that via some sort of national science experiment, he’d do it.

Sure, he’s got the likes of AOC and Pelosi in his head but that can’t be all. He wants to change America as we know it today. He wants people talking about it for years after he is long gone. “Remember that old coot who stole the presidency then ran our country into the ground? How did we let it happen?” I can hear this being said years from now by our decedents who may or may have not voted for the old codger.

He is purposely ignoring the overpopulated surge at our border by foreign children because he likes it. Why change something you asked for and got? You wouldn’t. These are future voters to the socialcrat party. So what if some of them die from covid or starvation, we’ve got plenty more coming in. They are dispensable in his eyes as there are many more coming to replace them. Every child for himself. The more the merrier to make us a diversified, global population, i.e. the United States of Migrants. And blame Trump for the surge that he inherited. Classic.

I thought Obama was bad when he was president but he had that pesky “person of color” hanging over him so that kept him in check. He couldn’t be too radical or they’d say he was part of the Black Panther Party, now known as BLM. Biden is as white as a cloud and thinks he can get away with being as radical as he wants because they think he’s a moderate and wouldn’t do anything crazy. But he’s fooling everyone.

He wants to take control over the conservative Supreme Court by any means possible. Watch out. Every conservative member on that court needs to watch their back. He wants turmoil across the globe with countries fighting like Iran, Russia, Ukraine, China, Taiwan, North Korea, and Israel. Why? Because he wants the peace that Trump put in place to be dissolved. Then he will blame the turmoil on Trump saying he left us with a mess around the world. This guy is vindictive.

He’ll try to put an end to FOX News and Newsmax since they are exposing him and Kammie for who they are. He’s already silenced conservatives on social media. We are living in communist America. He wants Americans to wear masks indefinitely despite the national vaccine program. It was never about getting vaccinated to be safe, just having control over the weak. This may sound like I’m exaggerating but we are seeing proof with our own eyes. From a successful tax rate being jacked up to stimulus bills up the ying-yang to dolling out large checks to illegals; it is happening, and we are powerless to stop it.

Every time I turn on the news I see more and more things he is doing, some that were to be expected but others not, that are blaringly bold and outrageous like forcing the Allstar game out of Georgia as a punishment. The main stream doesn’t give a hoot about what is going on. They are in on it. Hollywood isn’t even making fun of Biden which also shows their ignorance and allegiance to a dictator. He may as well be Hitler because half of America is kowtowing to his demands. It is unseemly, if not scary, what is going on right before our eyes.

Make it stop! When will karma kick in? It has to soon or our country will be doomed for decades. Some of the laws he is enacting with the help of the suck-up House and Senate will affect us for decades, if not forever. Remember, if he is capable of stealing an election, everything else is child’s play to him. He feels power and is using it like villain Lex Luther from Superman.


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