The Silent War.

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Whether we conservatives know it or not, we are at war within our own country. It hasn’t risen to the level of a civil war, and may never, because we are losing it without one shot being fired. It’s the calm before the storm. But we are on a bridge over waters ready to erupt. There is an enemy within. We are getting hit from all sides. It is full court press against us. From big tech to the government to the military to our education system to the media down to the level of street rioters, they are coming for us.

I hate to sound so pessimistic, but I don’t see any signs of hope out there. Republican leaders aren’t doing enough to stand up for themselves or us. Even conservative news anchors are at a loss to defend us. They get shutdown as soon as they express what is really going on. Their powers at be get to them via an earphone and tell them to tone it down. Their bosses want to appeal to more than just conservatives. But the result is conservative views being stifled and the left winning again. We are outnumbered in news stations, newspapers, social media, the courts, and congress, so no need to stifle what little voice we have left.

The left or the socialcrats or the progressives or cancel culture, whatever they call themselves these days, are slowly but surely trying to erase us from history. They remove or ban statues, school names, books, movies, and songs, in the name of racism. Why do they do that? They are trying to revise history into reflecting that conservatives were part of the KKK and slavery when it was mostly the Democrat Party. Remember it was Lincoln that freed the slaves; and he was Republican. The left figures if they are the ones banning everything they deem racist, racism will get blamed on the Republicans. Two doctors at a hospital are going to treat patients based on their race, persons of color coming first, not which patient is more in need of treatment. That is racist. Turning Blacks against Whites is their main goal which began under Obama’s watch.

Under Biden’s watch we’ve had two homegrown terror attacks, another school shooting, mass murder of a family, an ice storm that debilitated two states, riots in liberal cities, stores being burned down, cops being shot, and unhealthy crowded conditions at our borders. And we were told that if Biden won, everything would calm down and get back to normal. And this turmoil is in less than three months time! Way to go Biden.

The media is feigning surprise that Kammie hasn’t gone to the border. Why would she? They want what is going on. Let’s stop the feigned outrage. This is what Biden promised us–2 million more migrants! And he’s part way there. I keep waiting for some glimmer of light on the horizon, but so far I see a dark cloud looming. It may get worse before anything gets better. Even some of our foreign enemies are acting hostile toward us. But keep in mind, we are at war with the left as silent as it seems.

Keep up the good fight, keep complaining, keep standing up for yourself whenever possible, and by all means try to not wear the nonsensical mask. The mask is their version of the MAGA hat, so it seems. Don’t let them destroy our constitution and our rights which are getting trampled on daily. Fauci says we can’t go to a restaurant after being vaccinated. What was the point of getting vaccinated? Get it now? It’s all about control and the pursuit of unhappiness put upon us so we will become dependent on the government. This government that throws cash out like a drunken sailor to other countries but won’t solve our homeless or border problem.


One thought on “The Silent War.

  1. We stopped watching Hannity and Laura. All either of them do is harp on what the Dems are doing. Anyone can rail and complain about what Biden and his ilk are doing. We want to see someone say this is what they are doing, and this is what we are doing to counteract it. We see a serious disconnect when it comes to reactive measures. Is this even crossing anyone’s mind. Senator Hawley is the only one that is making an attempt at stopping this nonsense with corporate shadow gov’t. If you wait for good ol’ boy Lindsey to do something, you will die from old age. I feel your pain. But I’m gonna keep bitching as long as I’m breathing.

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