Simple Answer to a Simple Question…

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that no one wants to address: “Why is it that more people of color fall victim to police brutality or death?”

Is it due to people of color being singled out or targeted by the police like the media contends? Or is it the logical conclusion that people of color do not respect the police and, therefore, do not obey them when pulled over or asked to stop?

I think it’s the latter. Most children were raised to show respect for the policeman. We learned this in our homes and in kindergarten from our teachers. We even had a policeman give a speech in our classroom on career day. There was never any talk of the need to be fearful of the police like Mayor De Blasio has taught his children. Never. If there was, I wouldn’t have taken a ride with a policeman after my first day of kindergarten when he asked me to get into his vehicle. I was lost (or at least he thought so) and gave me a ride home much to my mother’s chagrin.

The simple resolve to this problem is to teach your children respect for the policeman at a young age. Simple as that. Then if they get into a little trouble as a teenager like one of my sons did with his friends, he or she will not run from the police but will stop when they ask you to.

My youngest son was with friends in a hot tub in a yard where the owners were out of town. Not cool. But when the police arrived the kids all scrammed and my son stayed back and the policewoman caught him. They called me and I came down to pick him up. They said he was a “stand up guy” for not running. Turned out the teenage house sitter from across the street invited her friends over for a little fun. No harm no foul, so they let him go.

The point of this story is that it could have been worse if he had scuffled with the police or had shown disrespect for them. But he was submissive and respectful and the police were in kind. He ended up majoring in Criminal Justice in college and became a lawyer.

The moral of this story is the need to “teach your children well” like the old song says. Teach them respect for the police at a young age. Do not teach them to be fearful of them, if so, they end up being defiant and mistrustful and that never turns out well, regardless of your color. White kids who are raised in the same environment of hating the police, like Antifa and BLM, will get hurt too. It’s not about one’s color, it’s about showing respect for the law which they clearly do not have. Without law and order our country will become a third world country or the Old Wild West. And no one wants that, but it appears we are heading in that direction.

The thirteen year old child garnishing a gun in Chicago is a problem in itself. Children should not be in possession of a gun. Period! This is a parent problem, not a child problem, nor a police problem. When we get to the root of this problem, it will be solved. Until then, expect more policemen to get indicted for shooting a perp that resists arrest. Keep in mind, the left has a movement entitled RESIST and the media and president are showing disrespect for the police daily so this is a difficult trend to reverse once it has started.

Even Michelle Obama once said, “This is the first time in my life I have been proud of my country.” That set the table for where we are at today. Then Obama put the icing on the cake with, “The police acted stupidly.” Now we are talking about defunding the police across the nation which Biden has condoned. Remember during the presidential debates when Trump asked Biden if he supported law enforcement? He would not answer because he feared losing the Black vote. Now look where we’re at.

The media is at war with the police and it needs to stop! A police officer is a much more respected career choice than the journalists of today. Show them the respect they deserve. They risk their lives everyday when they leave their homes. They’re getting ambushed and shot at random by citizens or illegals. We need to respect them for what they do and not keep putting them on trial. Accidents will occur occasionally in the heat of an arrest; but if not for the scuffle or resist, there’d be no accident. Period. The way the media is reporting these deaths, you’d think police are just driving around and taking out people of color for sport. They are not! They are doing their best to keep the peace.

Report the facts. Stop vilifying the police. Teach your children respect for police. And keep guns away from your children, and we’ll all be better off in the future. But from where we are right now, it looks like we’re heading in a precarious direction from the top on down.


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