AG Garland Caves to Black Lives Matter.

Photo by Mathias P.R. Reding on

Now I’ve seen everything. They’ll never be happy. The left got the verdict yesterday that they demanded through intimidation of the jury, but they still aren’t happy. They had to go to the president’s AG to get him to come to the mic. Now the Minneapolis PD is going to be investigated for unfair racist practices and procedures. What a waste of our taxpayer dollars! When will this nightmare end? And why isn’t the Black cop who shot Ashli Babbitt being investigated? Where is he hiding? We are experiencing unequal enforcement of the law.

Ashli Babbitt was a white, unarmed woman, no less, and murdered by a Black cop hiding behind a wall. There was no resisting arrest involved. He stuck his gun out through a window and shot her in the neck. No one has called for his indictment. If we are going to start indicting cops and investigating police departments, then at least be consistent about it. Ashli was a trespasser along with many others, not a counterfeiter, drug user, dealer, nor lifetime criminal. This cop needs to be exposed and indicted. If anyone is racist, he is. He hated all the White cops he worked with that supported Trump. That’s reverse racism.

The riots and looting will continue because the police are being told to stand down. These anarchists will not be happy until they change America from the inside out. They hate capitalism, success, law enforcement, and the constitution. One black in the Mini Apple said it may come to just shooting all the whites. This is how they think? They’re trying to eliminate all of us. They’ve been raised and brainwashed into thinking there is widespread racism when there is clearly not. We have Black governors, mayors, police chiefs, judges, supreme court justices, senators, congressmen, and once a president, and now a VP (albeit they stole the election.) When will they be happy? Never.

We gave Blacks an inch, and they’re taking a mile and unappreciative to boot. Mini Apple gave the Floyd family 24 million which set the stage for a “guilty” verdict. Now they have our Attorney General going to bat for them. We are getting into scary territory when the POTUS and AG are coming for the police departments across America. Officer Chauvin got an unfair trial regardless of the verdict. The Defense should have asked for a change of venue, sequestered jury, and a gag order put on elected officials during deliberation. I thought it would have been a hung jury. Amazing they got 12 jurists to fall lockstep into the same verdict. Someone got to them.

AG Garland is a disgrace to the position. He should never have been put through by congress. He is nothing more than another puppet, like Biden, for the likes of BLM and AOC. We are all doomed. The left has turned George Floyd into a martyr and saint which he clearly isn’t. He’s no Martin Luther King. It was just a routine resisted arrest that turned bad like many others over the years in many different cities from San Francisco to New York. Nothing remarkable about it. The difference was that he was Black and the left needed something to make hay about since Trump’s presidency was so successful. Period.


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