Caitlin Jenner “The Compassionate Disruptor”

Photo by Pixabay on

She spoke to me. I felt her passion for wanting California to return to what it once was before the liberals ruined it. As a native Californian residing in both Northern and Southern California, I’ve seen the rapid demise of this state since Newsom came onboard. Caitlin does not speak like a polished politician like Obama and others. She was thoughtful and careful about her answers to Hannity but spoke her truth.

She will be better at governing California than Newsom. She cares about the border, illegal migrants, high taxes, the homeless, the wildfires, droughts, mask mandates, and the shutdowns. Newsom doesn’t. She mentioned forest management, the wall being secured, election integrity, lowering taxes, solving the water shortage, opening schools and restaurants, and shipping illegals back to where they came from. Newsom just cares about running for president someday. She mentioned common sense over and over which also spoke to me as the politicians of today like Newsom, Pelosi, AOC, Cuomo, Biden, and others are lacking. Most of their policies are politically driven not by science or common sense.

If she runs for governor of California, depending on who runs against her, I will definitely support her. She feels the same as I do about California and was raised in the same era. I even understood her explanation of her gender change. She votes Republican for economic and traditional reasons but most of her friends are Democrat and I can relate to that. She lived as a male but always felt like a female. She had the money and the time to make the change to feel better about herself. We can’t know what she went through unless we were in her shoes. I’m sure it took a lot of soul searching to make that life-altering decision.

Caitlin has a calling now to replace Newsom and figures she must answer the call. She was born into greatness thus why she won Olympic Metals. Maybe she can translate her greatness into saving California. Most Republicans running will have a challenge in California since it is so blue, but she may have a chance. She calls herself “The Compassionate Disruptor” and I totally understand that reference. We can all disrupt in a nice way. If we don’t, we will continue to get steamrolled like we have been by the likes of Newsom and Biden.


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