Youth Are Getting Paid to Sit Home on Their A$$e$.

A Sit In.

Why would they return to the jobs they got laid off from if they’re getting paid more to sit home? It’s a no brainer, but this administration can’t put two and two together. And why, if their employer has asked them to return, are they allowed to still collect unemployment insurance? That isn’t supposed to happen. How liberal have we gotten? Benefits are supposed to be declined once you are offered your job back. Employers need to stand up and report these freeloaders (as my grandfather used to call them) to the unemployment office. I call them mooches or on the government dole.

And whatever happened to Biden’s old campaign speech, “A job is more than a paycheck. It’s about dignity and respect and being able to tell your children, we’ll be all right.” That flew out the window when he decided to pay the unemployed to sit at home collecting more than they earned at their start up job. What in the world! What college did he attend? Did he even take economics? He must have skipped that course. He’s terrible with numbers and budgets.

How will these restaurants get back on their feet if their trained waiters, bartenders, bus boys, and dishwashers won’t return to work? They’ll have to retrain new recruits if they can find them. We are incentivizing a lazy generation by paying them to sit home on their a$$e$. It needs to stop!

Maybe there’s an underlying reason why the government wants keep them home from their jobs. They’ll lose their streets thugs and rioters and Kamala doesn’t want that. In fact, she wants the riots to continue and should never stop. If they all returned to work or college, the crowds will diminish, and the fear they instill on authorities and shop owners will dissipate too. Must be the reason. Soros is behind it. He pays them to riot. Not a bad gig. Sleep all day, then protest at night, and get paid for both. Why would one go back to work at the local pub? And where’s their parents who should be instilling them with good values? Absent. MIA. AWOL.

This administration doesn’t seem to get it or at least they tell us so. They think the new job numbers didn’t meet expectations due to those fearing going back to work due to covid. Or Trump’s mismanagement of the disbursement of the vaccine. Somehow Trump always has to get the blame. That’s their mantra. Also their excuse is that their children are at home due to school closures, and they can’t leave them or afford daycare.

Well…if it is fear of covid, stop wearing your stupid masks outside confusing our youth; but if it school closures, then open the damn schools up across the nation! Simple solutions to a major problem affecting America. But we all know the real reason: government paying them more to sit home on their a$$e$. It’s the $ocialist way. They are grooming a generation of youth to be dependent on their government. Remember Biden said, We the People is the government.


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