Are We Heading for a Constitutional Crisis?????

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It sure looks that way. We have never before in our history discovered that an election was rigged and that our president may be illegitimate. Never before…but, more and more, it looks as though when these states in question get through with their audits, we will have a constitutional crisis on our hands. Who will we turn to, the Supreme Court who is controlled by compromised Jon Roberts? I…don’t…think…so. We already gave them the chance to rule on the election and they punted.

If anyone in their right mind thinks Slow Joe who campaigned from his basement received the most votes for president in U.S. History, then they need their heads examined. In some cities he received more votes than there were registered voters. How is that even possible? It’s called cheating. They gamed the system, and we weren’t allowed to contest it. The election offices, the judges, the governors, the FBI, and the intelligent agencies were all in on it. They should all be in jail, but I digress.

Will we have to have a redo election and revote for President Trump or Biden? That would be a first not to mention a monumental task. No mail in ballots this time, kiddos. And no Dominion voting machines, please. From what is coming out finally in the news about Fauci’s involvement (granting one million) in the Wuhan Lab bioweapon creation and leak, I’m wondering why his house hasn’t been raided in the wee hours of the night like the FBI did to Roger Stone. Why hasn’t he been arrested? Because he is the darling of the left, their God. If you contest Fauci, the left threatens your life like they’ve done to poor Rand Paul. Fauci’s hands are dirty in the unleashing of covid along with Gates and possibly Biden’s. It was their next “insurance plan.” That’s why Biden stopped the investigation into the Wuhan Lab when he took office. Duh!

We’ve all been hoodwinked! The Democrats are all in cahoots with what went down in 2020 from the manmade virus to the draconian shutdowns to the mass rioting to the rigged election to the mask mandates to the planned breach of the capitol to the second impeachment. They played us and many Republicans went along with it. They (Romney, Cheney, Murkowski et al) wanted Trump out and this was their chance to have him removed permanently.

Three republicans are emerging during these crises as potential frontrunners in the next presidential election: Senator Rand Paul, Senator Ted Cruz, and Governor DeSantis are making history by standing up for us and never wavering. DeSantis is defending his state against the federal government’s and social media’s wacky rules. He passed a bill that social media cannot ban Republican candidates from their platform during the next election. If they do, they can be fined $250,000 per incident. Great bill. Other states should follow his leadership.

Our country is in the worst, most precarious situation now that I’ve ever witnessed even more so than during the Viet Nam war or after 9-11. We are purposely being invaded at the southern border by criminals and unknown foreigners. We witnessed a bioweapon kill off millions of people worldwide without conducting any investigation afterwards. Basically letting the culprits off scot-free.

We are heading in some unchartered territory that will undoubtedly lead us into a constitutional crisis. We need more Republicans in office to pass bills in their states that will at least hinder the total control that the left has over us. Then, little by little, we can get integrity back into our election process. Voting these crooks out is the only chance we have left to save America.

In the meantime, fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. We actually need Democrats to come around to our side once they are fed up with all that is going on. Once it hits their backyard or their pocketbook, they’ll change their vote if they have any sense left. One can only hope. :>/


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