Biden’s Escalating Dementia is Cause for Alarm.

Photo by Karl Gerber on

We’ve all seen it, although the media tries to call it cute. Cute old Biden hitting on and flirting with little girls of all ages. It’s disturbing! It’s behavior unbecoming of a president. He’d be fired if he worked at a corporation but he’s never held a job outside of government! Walking off the stage to go over and whisper something to two six year old girls is creepy. Promising them ice cream is a pedophiles SOP.

The worse his dementia gets, the more his pedophile tendencies come out. The fact that he isn’t aware that what he is doing is creepy is just more evidence that his dementia is worsening. I’ll never forget his comment while he was VP, “I love children sitting on my lap.” That was a red flag then and apparently a foreshadow of what was to come. The fact that the media is not calling him out on this is even creepier. Dr. Jill must drop her jaw whenever she witnesses this behavior. And his son Hunter didn’t fall far from the tree with all his sexcapades.

His daughter who wrote in her journal that she remembers being molested in the shower as a child is enough for me to realize the guy’s got a serious problem. For the media to dismiss his obvious lechery is malpractice. He’s practically drooling on stage while he eats them alive with his eyes. He is a sexual deviant of some sort on top of being senile. Bad combo.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he went on Jeff Epstein’s Lolita Express along with Bill Clinton. We’ll never know now. Lately he’s been trying to get Kamala away from the White House. First he asks her to go the Mexican border and she balks. Now he wants her to go from state to state promoting the covid vaccine. He wants her as far away from the White House as possible so she can’t slip in and replace him. Covid is over Joe. Trump made the vaccines happen and nothing you’ve done has saved any lives. In fact, you have hindered the recovery from the pandemic by sending out confusing messages about mask wearing along with Fauci.

I don’t know what the media is thinking by allowing a pedophile with urges that he cannot squelch to become the President of the United States. The older he gets, the more these tendencies appear to come out. Keep your daughters away from the White House!

All of this may seem like a small potatoes compared to the real problems in the world. But that is my point. How can he run a country when his thoughts are tied up in a deviant mind thinking of little girls? He can’t; and, therefore, why so many problems are arising since he became president. Too numerous to list. The other day he went off script talking about commercials on tv. He said we’re finally getting it as most commercials feature interracial couples. He’s trying to dilute the white population by making it look the norm in commercials to marry outside your race. He’d be happy if we were all people of color thus why he’s encouraging South Americans to enter illegally at our border. He must love Prince Harry.

We all realize now that liberalism is a mental disease in itself but combine that with pedophilia and we’ve got one headcase in the White House. His wife should be ashamed of herself for allowing him to even run for president. He is unfit, unqualified, and corrupted over the years by kickbacks. Can Trump just get his job back already? He won the election. Let’s let him come back to finish the job he started before the pandemic was unleashed on us.

I may sound a little harsh on old Joe but someone has to. We can’t count on newspapers, social media, news anchors to report the truth. This is what irks me. I see incompetency across the board and the media doesn’t seem to care. How much more can we take?


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