Kamala Lies to Lester Holt, “We’ve been to the border.”

Guatemala Kamala: Holt Boasts Harris Is '1,500 Miles from the Border' |  Newsbusters

Lester responds, “You haven’t been to the border.”

“I haven’t been to Europe, [either, what’s your point?]” she responds dismissively then does her nervous cackle.

What we’re seeing here is a gal who thinks just because Lester Holt is black, he wouldn’t challenge her lie. None of the other MSM anchors do. When he did, she choked and got cocky. Good for Lester Holt who I haven’t given much credence to since the first debate between Trump and Hillary. It was more like a debate between Lester and Trump.

But let’s break down her dismissive answer to Holt. “I haven’t been to Europe.” That’s a sociopathic answer to Holt’s backing her in the corner. Change the subject. What was she really saying? Last time I checked Europe does not border the United States. So her comparison to our foreign affairs with Mexico to Europe is not comparable. Was she trying to say we have no crisis in Europe either so why would I go to our border? Was she trying to dismiss the crisis at our border by comparing it to a fun trip to Norway? Maybe. Whatever the reason behind her cockamamie response to a legitimate retort to her lie remains a mystery.

Kammie has spent her career laughing or cackling through answers to difficult questions and getting a pass because she is black. No one can question the black girl without being called racist. She’s half Asian Indian and Jamaican with no ancestry to Blacks in the U.S. She is a woman of color. That’s it. But she has used her gender and color to get where she is today, election fraud aside.

The Biden Administration is trying to have it both ways and got caught red-handed. On one hand she told the Guatemalans not to come to the border that they may not be allowed in. On the other hand, they want open borders evidenced by doing everything possible to incentivize migrants crossing. Plus promising billions in aid to Guatemala will undoubtedly not get passed down to the people so that was another waste of our taxpayer$ dollar$.

For Kamala, who is always running for something, to visit our disastrous border would be like touching the third rail. It would be a photo used against her in any future elections and she knows it. A photo flop not op.

Ironically, this lie she told Lester Holt and her dismissive response to getting caught will be used against her. Busted Kammie. You stepped in it, bigly. Your days are numbered just like Fauci. Now she is almost forced to go to the border to avoid this lie being replayed ad nauseum. Good luck with that. She painted herself into that corner with no exit plan. And she wants to be president. If she can’t handle Lester, how will she deal with world leaders? Not so well.


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