Is Russia Really Behind the Ransomware Cyberattacks?

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Not so fast, Biden. Since when has the left ever told us the truth in the last six or so years? Hardly ever. These intelligence agencies are quick to blame Russia and Trump for just about everything, evidenced by a leftwing anchor saying Trump killed Ashli Babbitt and the rest saying GOP defunded the police and are the cause of increased violence. We can’t believe a word that comes out of their collective mouths. These leftwing nuts lie for a living and are getting away with it.

Now let’s analyze these cyberattacks. Anyone that is internet/computer savvy combined with lawlessness and greed in our country could be committing these crimes. There are a lot of Zuckerbergs out there. Crime does pay in this environment. Look at Hunter. Look at Biden. Look at Cuomo. Look at Maxine and Pelosi. Crime does pay. Why not steal from successful capitalists rather than work for a living? Why not? Who would be stopping them? Certainly not the limp dic- Garland. He’s about as dumb as AOC and Maxine combined. He said our biggest threat to America is white extremists [that support Trump.] Bu–sh-t! Were those the same armed guys that blocked a freeway in Massachusetts? Hmmm.

Now dumbo Biden put out a list of 14 infrastructures that would cripple America if they got hacked. This gave an open invitation for hacking every company not on the list with impunity. He has to be the dumbest president ever to steal an election. He must have gotten help from the left. Duh!

I think Russia is just a red herring scapegoat that the left uses when they are guilty of doing something evil; just like they blamed Trump for four years for what they were up to. They can’t blame Trump for ransomware cyberattacks so who better than their old fav Russia? I’m sure Putin is getting annoyed with these accusations and this could lead us into a war, thanks to dumbo Biden.

These same intelligent agencies have decided there was no election fraud, Trump incited a riot at the capitol, the dossier was legit, and Trump asked Russia to hack Hillary’s emails. They are a biased group of left-wingers appointed by Obama. Why did four Democrat judges decide to suspend Rudy Giuliani’s law license? Because we are living under a vindictive, punitive, biased administration. These rulings come from the top. They are taking their marching orders from dumbo. The witch hunt never ends.

So when you hear in the news that Russia is cyberattacking, don’t believe it. Usually the opposite is true. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is BLM or Antifa related. Some of them have attended capitalist-hating college and think the illegal means justifies the end. And judging by the way the left treats Democrats; even if they caught them, they wouldn’t be charged. So better to blame good ol’ Russia as a distraction.


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