Trump Lays Out the Case Against the Democrats.

Our future under Democrat regime.

In yesterday’s Arizona rally, Trump laid out every vindictive, illegal, punitive action the Democrats have gotten away with. He said they are turning our country into a third world country, if we don’t do something soon. We will not recognize our country after three and a half more years of Biden. Biden may be cognitively challenged; but combine that with his amoral background (which he could be blackmailed with), and we’ve got ourselves an evil man in the White House. He makes Bernie Sanders look like child’s play.

He is defacing and dismantling our country in every aspect from the constitution to education, election law, law enforcement, military, sports, economy, immigration, healthcare, and to energy. Everything he touches gets ruined or made a mockery of. He IS a human wrecking ball.

I feel like the Republicans are getting blocked at every turn to prove to the country what Trump explained at his rally. Every move we make to stop the tsunami heading our way gets washed aside. Who’s on our side that has any power besides Trump? Trump is a one-man show right now trying to right the ship in the storm. He has some in congress bailing out water and some in the media for sure, but we’re sinking fast.

George W. Bush has been silent throughout this takeover of our country and should be ashamed of himself. We have to hear Obama daily coming to the mic. Bush hates Trump, and that’s all he cares about. He puts self-interest over country. He has joined the likes of Liz Cheney. It is full court press against the left and the traitors right now.

Cuomo and facelift Whitmer get their investigations dropped. The FBI was behind Whitmer’s staged kidnapping and the capitol riot set up. They’re going after Kavanaugh again to intimidate him before the election fraud cases get to the SCOTUS. Podesta, who worked for Hillary, gets a big job at a Chinese Communist company that spies on America. Hunter is selling crap paintings to undisclosed buyers for $500,000. Fauci is corrupt up to his eyeballs and lying to congress about the Wuhan Lab. The border control is allowing 188,000 illegals a month to cross over into our country and then fly them to other states. White shame is being forced down our children’s throats in school. Patriots who love our country are being cancelled or arrested. Mask mandates are resurfacing too for no good reason. Biden says crime is down and there is no inflation. They are selling out our country to the highest bidder.

Why…we ask ourselves this everyday? Why? Why would these evil people want to destroy the country we know and love? Because they are evil. They are possessed. Even if it hurts them (which is unlikely since they have their own security guards, fences, and billions of dollars to survive), they want to live like an evil king looking down on the rest of us peons who didn’t survive. It’s almost like a cartoon movie which is where they get their ideas, from Hollyweird. It is definitely communism and Hitler-like short of the concentration camps. But don’t kid yourselves. Some of these leftist mayors have been wishing death on anyone that doesn’t support CRT. And what’s with all the incompetent female, Democrat, black mayors? Can’t we do better than this? Vote them out!

Trump summarized: The Democrats are always one step ahead of us. They see that the Republicans were successful in the Arizona audit and they’re panicking. Mask mandates will become national and threats of impeachment of any member of the Supreme Court will become routine. School closures and business shutdowns will return. We will be returning to 2020 the closer we get to overturning the last election. He also made a great analogy. “If it turned out that a sports team cheated to win a game, the win and the trophy gets taken from them.” That’s how it works in real life.

Trump made the case against the Democrats and they’re shaking in their boots. But they’re always one step ahead of us, so wait for it. They will deflect, smokescreen, and distract the people away from the truth. It won’t be pretty…fasten your seatbelts…we are in for a bumpy second half of the year. Nothing they do now, surprises us.


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