Biden’s Appeasement Doctrine Fails in Afghanistan.

Cave Dwelling Taliban Takeover the Country.

Biden has cared more about softening our image across the globe than keeping our country safe. He’s cared more about allowing transsexuals and critical race theory being taught in the military than training for combat. Biden has cared more about the teachers unions getting raises than putting our children back into school. He’s cared more about increasing the numbers crossing our borders than stopping the spread of covid.

Biden has cared more about advancing the green new deal than stopping inflation and putting our country back to work after the worst pandemic in American history. He’s cared more about the big unions gaining power than the union workers keeping their jobs (Keystone Pipeline). He’s cared more about masking our children than masking illegals infected with covid. If Biden had a report card for his first seven months, he’d be getting an F in most categories from securing our borders to pulling troops out of Afghanistan.

Biden has always been on the wrong side of history. We can’t expect him to make the right decisions in Afghanistan. But we can expect him to blame Trump for Biden’s abject failure in Afghanistan. They’ll say they followed the plan Trump gave them. Really? First time yet. Afghanistan’s mass exodus, now that the Taliban has taken over our embassy (reminiscent of the capitol breach and Benghazi) and government, is proof positive that governing through weakness does not work. When I saw General Milley condoning critical race theory live on the tele, I knew we were in trouble. When I heard we were leaving all our tanks and trucks behind, I knew we were in trouble. Trump would never have allowed this type of hit and miss, sloppy troop removal.

What the ef does CRT have to do with protecting our country?! Nothing! Now we have left ourselves wide open for the next terror attack from ISIS or the Taliban as they have gained power we never thought they’d have again. While Trump was in office, they were decimated. What happened in seven short months of appeasement by our military? Were our military disarmed? Were they taught CRT instead of flighting? Peace comes through strength not weakness by the Biden Administration.

I almost think we have a bunch of namby pambies now in the military that aren’t well trained or prepared for what is occurring in Afghanistan. They learn more about sex change operations and white privilege than training for combat. They are taught “feel good” approaches to conflict which doesn’t work and are now cutting and running with their tails between their legs at the command of their snowflake commanders. I half suspect they give out welcome gift baskets to the Taliban in exchange for peace. It is a national disgrace!

It will only get worse as we get closer to the anniversary of 9-11 which democrats never seem to be prepared for. Can we remember Benghazi at the ten year anniversary? Of course we can, as Hillary and Obama blew it. So while Obama is cutting a rug in a fatigue print shirt in Cape Cod, our military fatigues in Afghanistan were cutting and running. Maybe someone should do a split screen on that.

I recently watched an old movie entitled Capricorn One. One of my old favorites of the 70s starring Elliott Gould. It was about the original Fake News story. It made me think that we could be living in Capricorn One II. Everything this corrupt government allows the public to see is fake. Fake staged photos from the border to fake photos of the capitol breach. Everything they do is a staged production to fool the people. As Elaine from Seinfeld said, fake, fake, fake.

Remember when they released photos of caged children at the border that turned out to be caged during Obama’s term? This is how they work. After all, they are the party of The Arts from artwork (Hunter), plays (Schiff), cinema (Gore), and Hollyweird (Fonda). This is what they are good at. They’re actors playing the role of pretending to care about our country. They know nothing of how to do it successfully. And it’s beginning to show. Big time.

Stay tuned. Stay home on 9-11. No travel day.


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