Terrorists Across the Globe Will Celebrate Taliban Takeover.

Op-Ed: How the White House bungled the Bowe Bergdahl case - Los Angeles  Times
Parents of traitor Bo Bergdahl getting honored by Obama.

Twenty years after 9-11 and back to square one it seems. Obama made the deal of the century when he traded five of the worst of the worst terrorists out of Gitmo for a traitor who abandoned his troops. His name was Bo Bergdahl. Worst decision in U.S. History as the leader of yesterday’s Taliban takeover (who used to work for Bin Laden) is the one Obama released out of Gitmo. Great job Obama! Great foresight. Why do I think this was Obama’s plan all along? He was influenced by many radicals in his life and may subconsciously be enjoying this. Word is still out on that.

Biden has blamed everyone for the debacle/mayhem in Afghanistan except for himself. Biden, the pentagon, intelligence, and commanders executed their exit plan all wrong. Sometimes I wonder if we really have an Intelligence Department. This was so avoidable and so foreseeable. But with the appeasement policy of the Biden Administration, they trust too much and verify too little. It would be politically incorrect to doubt the friendly Taliban’s motives. If Biden has anyone to blame it’s Obama’s legacy.

Somehow Biden has tried to link Trump as the reason they were caught with their pants down. The dog ate my homework seems to be this administration’s “go to” excuse for everything THEY get wrong. Biden inherited Trump’s exit plan. Since when does Biden follow anything he inherited from Trump? Never. But now seems to want it? Amazing how that works. Biden made his first grave error when he ANNOUNCED we’d be exiting on the anniversary of 9-11. Are you kidding me?! That’s an open invitation for the Taliban to attack. And was never Trump’s plan.

Twitter is basically in bed with our enemies. They are allowing this released Taliban terrorist to use their platform to spread his propaganda, but they won’t allow President Trump or Rand Paul to use their platform. Twitter needs to be shutdown and possibly investigated as it is a clear and present danger to our country. They are aiding and abetting our enemies by spreading hate for America.

Unfortunately, we have not seen the end to this debacle yesterday. Terrorists across the world will get inspired by the Taliban takeover and are most likely celebrating, if not recongregating, especially through Facebook and Twitter. None of this would have happened under President Trump. Terrorists do not respect or fear Biden and that is the first problem. More often than not, our soldiers are told to stand down under Democrat control–during Benghazi attack, Antifa riots, and the capitol riot. The enemy ate our lunch yesterday and Biden tried to put the blame back onto Trump. Trump would have had us exit safely and orderly in May as promised if only he was given an honest election. Elections do have consequences, especially stolen elections!

Biden contradicted himself yesterday when he said he wouldn’t send anymore troops into Afghanistan. Then later he said they will need to send in 8,000 troops to get our people out safely. What?? He is sending in more troops for a rescue mission than originally were being pulled out. He’s a joke.

Biden is an embarrassment to our country and we’ll all pay for it. America got what we deserved for allowing Biden to steal the presidency from Trump. We are now reaping the rewards. Karma comes in many forms. We saw footage of desperate bodies falling from that plane yesterday eerily mirroring the bodies jumping from the World Trade Center. And ironically caused by the Taliban, again. It was chilling.

Biden’s speech yesterday was just a play on words. He kept saying he stands by his plan to bring our troops home from Afghanistan and would not have done anything different. Great. We all stand by that plan. But does he stand by the METHOD it was implemented? I hope not but wouldn’t comment on it just that it escalated faster than they thought. No shit, Sherlock.

And where were those 300,000 Afghan soldiers that were trained by us and promised by Biden to defend their cities? He took no responsibility for anything that he has done or said in the past. The buck doesn’t stop with this president because he’s an arrogant as–ole. And he’s no Harry Truman. Next he’ll be quoting JFK, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” Wait for it.

Comically, I mused at the 600 citizens crammed in that plane yesterday and wondered what happened to social distancing of covid? Did they test them prior to boarding? Were they wearing masks? The soldiers all have to be vaccinated. Were these escapees vaccinated? Did they show their passports? Seriously all of this just proves that covid restrictions are nothing more than a means to instill fear and control over people; because when there is a clear super spreader like that plane ride, this administration looks the other way. Just like Obama’s birthday bash. Rules for thee, but not for me. The hypocrisy is staggering.

Bottom line is: Terrorists won yesterday and Biden now realizes (although he won’t admit it) that Trump was a much smarter and competent president than he is. Proof’s in the pudding staring him in the face next to his sippy cup at bedtime .


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