General Milley and Pelosi Collude to Undermine Trump’s Power.

On January 8th, two days after the Pelosi-planned fake “insurrection” by Trump supporters infiltrated by Antifa and BLM of the capitol building, Pelosi wasn’t finished. She decided along with Trump-hating Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Milley to make the insurrection look more serious by placing a secret call to his counterpart in China implying that Trump may want to start a war with them and that Milley will warn them ahead of time. This call was unbeknownst by the Trump Administration and could have scared China into a preemptive strike against us. Milley is clearly part of the Deep State and just proved that there was a Deep State all along trying to undermine Trump while in office.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley confirmed that he made secret phone calls to the Communist Chinese assuring he’d first warn them of any military action against them, but claimed that was simply part of his “duties. John Kirby spokeman for the Pentagon reaffirmed the same and scoffed at the notion that Milley should be court-martialed for treason.

Instead of denying that he made two secret phone calls outside the military chain of command to Chinese counterparts before and after the 2020 election claiming Trump may attack them, Milley said he was just doing his job. (Doing his job working for the Deep State not under our constitution.)

When Milley called the China counterpart in October 2020, prior to our election, I suspect he warned that there could be a attack instigated by Trump after his discovery of the rigged election. He thought Trump would want someone to blame and who better than China for unleashing covid on our country. This is how the left thinks and works. They cause the problem then try to look like they’re preventing a reaction to the problem. They had something to do with covid as well as the rigged election then try to stop Trump from having an adverse reaction. But little do they know that Trump is the anti-war president. Always has been. He’d never start one.

This was a silent coup orchestrated by none other the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Milley who hates Trump and Pelosi according Woodward’s new book which should have been breaking news three months ago but Democrat Woodward (who also hates Trump) sat on the story. If this is true, it is treason, sedition, insubordination, and unconstitutional and Milley should be court-martialed and Pelosi arrested. But the Democrat media and the Pentagon are already circling the wagons for these two Deep State Scoundrels. Pentagon says they have full trust in appointed General Milley. Biden parrots the same. The Democrats will always protect their own.

Biden, John Kirby, Joy Behar, Pippi Psaki, CNN, and basically all the left wingers have found a new “darling of the left” to worship until he is taken down and ashamed in public, possibly court-martialed. He’s the new Lieutenant Vindman. Again they will have egg on their faces. I hope they own stock in chicken farms.

Kirby, when asked for a copy of the transcript of Milley’s call, had the nerve to say, we don’t release transcripts from calls in the previous administration. Really? Milley worked there then and is working in same job now. Pelosi is still in the same job. These are carryovers from the last administration so why not release the transcripts? Trump’s transcripts were released when asked. This is obstruction of justice if I’ve ever seen it.

But this is just the beginning of the fall of the Biden Regime now that it is getting exposed. You don’t think ChinaBiden was innocent in all this underhanded activity do you? Of course not! He was in the process of stealing an election, why not ruin Trump’s reputation in China while he’s at it. Make the Chinese think that our military has lost all respect for him in the slim chance the SCOTUS reviews the election fraud cases and Trump remains in office.

Trump’s biggest mistake while in office was being somewhat naïve to the enemies within that he was working along side with. He should have fired Chris Wray from the get go, Tony Fauci after his first appearance on CNN, and General Milley after he made a politicized address regarding the Lafayette walk in the Park. He kept them on much to his detriment as they were all part of the Deep State working together to undermine him and take over the chain of command. The enemies within.

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