The Left is Slowly Awakening to What Really Went Down…

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Let’s see what has slowly come out as the truth that we knew all along, but the media and the leftists were slow to accept or even believe:

  1. Hillary was behind the Russian Collusion Hoax, 100%.
  2. Hunter Biden’s laptop was for real and filled with evidence of influence peddling with China and Ukraine with Joe as the “big Guy” who got 10% of the laundered money.
  3. Audits in several states have turned up massive numbers of voter fraud to put Trump in the winning column. The “big lie” is not a lie.
  4. Biden refused to leave soldiers in Afghanistan as the optics didn’t fit his narrative that HE ended a 20-year war near the anniversary of 9-11.
  5. Biden took out innocent civilians with a drone to look tough and lied about it saying they thwarted another terror attack.
  6. Biden was warned days in advance of the threat of a suicide bomber but did nothing to keep our soldiers safe. In fact, relied on the Taliban to inspect vehicles at the checkpoint.
  7. There was no insurrection on January 6th. It was a peaceful demonstration until capitol police started inviting demonstrators into the building to set them up. Then some agitators incited violence among the peaceful crowd and police shot teargas harming innocent folks. All part of Pelosi’s plan for another impeachment of Trump for inciting an insurrection.
  8. Biden has invited millions of immigrants from all countries to cross over our borders illegally with no consequences. He wants open borders.
  9. Biden falsely accused our Border Police of whipping Haitians which was nothing more than checking the horses with reins attached to the bit.
  10. Biden left behind enough military equipment, arsenal, and terrorists in Afghanistan to execute another 9-11 type attack on our soil.
  11. General Milley lied to congress about an imminent threat from China that had to be thwarted by advising them: “We’ll give you a heads up if Trump decides to attack.” Milley wanted to look like some kind of hero in Woodward’s hitjob book on Trump. Turns out there was no intelligence of China or Trump wanting to attack. He made it up.
  12. The police are not racist nor do they pose a threat to blacks. This was a lie perpetuated by the BLM, Antifa, Democrat politicians, and teachers.
  13. The covid 19 virus was released from the Wuhan Lab in China and quite possibly was a planned attack on our economy and it worked.
  14. Facebook and Twitter banned conservative thought which interfered with our last presidential election.
  15. Face masks and vaccines are failing to stop the spread of covid. It just has to run its course like any flu and allow herd immunity to kick in. Everyone responsible for their own family, not the government.

With the realization of all this coming to surface now, can we expect Biden to be ousted and Trump reinstalled as President? I sure hope so. It’s clear he had the Deep State after him, a rigged election, and that Biden is nothing more than a lifetime corrupt, politician on the take. He has no business running this country into the ground. Which he has done from day one.


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